The New Food Allergy Anxiety Guide: How You Can Gain Control


Children go through so many emotions as they grow up, but anxiety isn’t usually a top concern … unless your child has food allergies. The very idea that a food could cause them severe harm is a big burden for kids to bear. A PhD student reached out to us recently about her doctoral project on food allergies and anxiety. She found that overall anxiety was significantly higher in children with food allergies than in children without food allergies.

A milk allergy could potentially cause higher anxiety for both parents and child when you consider that 33% of the teachers surveyed incorrectly believed that a person who is allergic to milk could still drink low-fat milk without having a reaction.

Food Allergies and Anxiety - Teacher knowledge on milk allergies

The New Food Allergy Anxiety Guide: How You Can Gain Control

Fortunately, the leading food allergy magazine in North America, Allergic Living, has launched their first online special edition. And it is a big one. The Food Allergy Anxiety Guide is the most comprehensive publication on the dramatic rise in anxiety caused by food allergies.

In this e-magazine you will meet families dealing with the aftermath of multiple reactions, food phobias, and even PTSD. You will hear an experts’ podcast on ways to identify and greatly reduce allergy anxiety. Plus it includes articles on those who’ve triumphed over allergy fears, advice to de-stress, and more. There is even a feature on child star Auggie Maturo, which both food allergic kids and their parents can appreciate.

What’s Inside the Food Allergy Anxiety Guide

The Allergic Living online editorial team has tackled this topic with the help of leading experts to provide understanding, compassion, and sound guidance. The writers speak to families who have experienced the turmoil of anaphylactic reactions, but ultimately have refused to let food allergies “become the walls of life.” This guide also covers advice and novel methods to de-stress, calming techniques for OIT, essential tools, and much more. You will even read about adults who have known severe reactions, but have found ways to enjoy traveling the world.

And I simply love that the first impression of the Food Allergy Anxiety Guide is precocious Auggie Maturo. He gained fame for his role on the Disney Series “Girl Meets World,” but he has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. Auggie has severe food allergies to tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, chickpeas, peas, coconut, and sunflower. Allergic Living speaks to him and his mother, Maha, to find out how they manage in some challenging circumstances.

You can get more information on the Food Allergy Anxiety Guide, and order it for instant access, at Don’t wait! It is available for an extended, but still limited time.

The BIG Food Allergy Anxiety Guide (How you can Gain Control) by Allergic Living - a must have for anyone living with food allergies or the parent of a child with food allergies

Allergic Living Goes Digital with New Guides

As some of you know, I’ve worked for Allergic Living magazine since 2011. I wrote a dairy-free column for each issue, and also held positions as Senior Editor and Food Editor for the print publication. However, the magazine has made a big shift this year. They’ve gone completely digital – with a new spin.

I couldn’t be more proud of my affiliation with such an amazing publication. For about a decade, the Editor-in-Chief, Gwen Smith, has dedicated her extensive journalism experience to allergy education and awareness. It has been not only an honor, but also a great learning experience to work for her. I am sad to see Allergic Living’s print publication close, however I’m truly impressed by their e-transition.

Most publications just shift to digital versions of the same old magazine, but Allergic Living is changing the tides with online special editions. Their relatively timeless guides go in-depth on specific topics, and are intended as resources to reference for years to come.

The Food Allergy Anxiety Guide is their first special edition. It offers an unparalleled exploration into a concerning phenomenon that affects so many people who live with food allergies.

The BIG Food Allergy Anxiety Guide (How you can Gain Control) by Allergic Living - a must have for anyone living with food allergies or the parent of a child with food allergies

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