Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey Invite Nana’s Cookie Company to Participate in Generation Rescue Launch


nana's logoSan Diego, Calif. – Nana’s Cookie Company was honored to be asked by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey to participate in the launch of Generation Rescue as a Jenny McCarthy Preferred Product.  Generation Rescue is an international movement of scientists, physicians and parent-volunteers researching the causes and treatments for autism and helping more than 20,000 children begin biomedical treatment.  Jenny launched the website, which features Nana’s Cookie Company, on Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN, Access Hollywood and Ellen Degeneres.

“The Jenny McCarthy program is part of a national marketing campaign recently undertaken by Nana’s Cookie Company”, said Janet Nager, V.P. of Sales & Marketing for Nana’s Cookie Company.  “We are building the Nana’s brand into a household name and looking for traditional and non-traditional avenues to pave the way.  Our relationship with Jenny McCarthy and her message of a GF/CF diet is something that Nana’s embraces for anyone with health issues.”

Nana’s Cookie Company has created a strategic marketing platform to support retail sales. These efforts include:

• Working with retailers on developing a promotional schedule
• In-store circular participation
• Opportunities to provide samples or information via newsletter, email blast, or kids club campaign
• In-store special events
• Monthly national consumer publicity campaign and exposure
• Consumer email newsletter
• Retail store locator and image availability on website

Nana’s Cookie Company has a line of No Gluten Cookies that are very popular with the autistic, celiac and ADD/ADHD communities and those on a casein and dairy free diet.  Nana’s No Gluten Cookies, Cookie Bites and Cookie Bars provide a delicious treat for those with special diet restrictions.  Nana’s Cookies are all natural, vegan and kosher.  In addition the cookies are created with the Nana’s No’s:  No Dairy, No Eggs, No Trans Fat, No Gluten, No Refined Sugar (cane or beet products), No Hydrogenated Oils, and No Cholesterol.

"Evan and I love Nana's Cookies. They are healthy and delicious, our favorite is the No Gluten Nana Banana.”, said Jenny McCarthy."  We believe what helped Evan recover was starting a gluten-free, casein-free diet, vitamin supplementation, detox of metals, and anti-fungals for yeast overgrowth that plagued his intestines.”

In addition to the No Gluten line of products, Nana’s Cookie Company has the following products:

• Nana’s Originals – A delicious and healthful treat created to provide energy and not weigh you down. Available in 7 flavors.
• Nana’s Cookie Bars – Healthier than a Cookie…Tastier than a Bar.™  All natural ingredients plus 12 vitamins and minerals in a bar-shaped cookie. Available in 6 flavors including No Gluten.
• Nana’s Cookie Bites – perfect for smaller appetites, satisfying a sweet tooth, and school lunchboxes.  Available in 6 flavors including No Gluten.
• No Gluten – for those with special food needs, allergies and other sensitivities.  Made on special “No Gluten” Days.  Available in Original, Cookie Bars and Cookie Bites.
• “O”Mega-Fiber Cookie Bars – 5 grams of dietary fiber, 10 grams of whole grains per serving, zero trans fat, and only 125 calories, contain plant-based 250 milligrams of omega-3, 600 milligrams of omega-6 and 800 milligrams of omega-9 fatty acids – an important part of a daily diet.

All Nana’s Cookies meet the California SB-12 school nutrition requirements

Visit Nana's Website for more information.

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