Just When You Thought Vegan Caramel, Brittle, and Toffee Sounded Too Good to be True …


Chocolate Inspirations Cashew BrittleFirst there was dark chocolate, then there was really good dark chocolate, and along came the “milk” chocolate and white chocolate, followed closely by the truffles. At this point, I thought we had seen it all in the dairy-free and vegan world, but the confection opportunities seem endless for Chocolatiers who continue to push the envelope with delicious new creations. My latest find: Chocolate Inspirations

Naked Caramel Cups – Hmm, I’m not sure this would classify as a caramel, but oh-my-goodness was it addictive and delicious. As someone who likes their sugar hits in close to pure form (I’ll pass on the cake, but can I try a bit of that frosting?), I actually preferred this confection to a traditional caramel. It was softer, and in fact it only had a very slight chews … Read the full review 

But oh there is so much more …

Caramel Candy Bar – This is basically a thick block of candy bar-sized caramel enrobed in a blanket of dark chocolate. The shape is beautiful and so much more refined than your average candy bar, but the taste … very much like a 100 Grand Bar, but without the crispies … Read the full review

English Toffee – How about a thin toffee enrobed in two thick layers of chocolate and sprinkled with crushed nuts. I loved the way the sweet toffee all but vanished into the chocolate to create a new sweet seamless confection that was truly addictive, sweet, and indulgent … Read the review for all of the vegan toffees

Cinnamon Peanut Brittle – This is a relatively thin brittle with whole peanut chunks throughout. I loved the cinnamon spike, which added warm notes to this fairly traditional candy, and even mellowed the sweetness a bit … Read the review for all of the vegan brittles

Cashew Brittle (pictured above) – Taking the indulgence factor up a notch, this brittle had a dark chocolate coating. I think the cashews were more my thing than the peanuts – sweeter, mellower, softer – so this brittle was my top choice … Read the review for all of the vegan brittles

Granola Bark – At first site I thought “what is this monster?” and even after several bites the only answer I could come up with was “delicious.” Jam packed with so many wonderful flavors, it is hard to describe this breakfast inspired dessert … Read the full review

Gourmet Pretzel Bites – Crunchy, addictive, sugar-coated morsels of goodness – Yep, that about sums up the various flavors of Gourmet Pretzel Bites from Chocolate Inspirations. Little half inch salted, pretzel balls (not a typical shape you would find in stores) are coated with sweetness, flavors and spices for a sweet and salty crunchy treat … Read the full review

My favorite, hands down, was the granola bark. Honestly, every last treat was delicious, but the bark seriously wowed this sugar-toothed, whole-grain loving foodie. In fact, I am still bitter that my father devoured every last crumb!

Chocolate Inspirations Granola Bark

To check out the dairy-free offerings from Chocolate Inspirations, see the vegan product listings on their site. But milk allergic consumers be aware, this is a traditional chocolatier, so there is potential for cross-contamination with milk chocolate products in production.


This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook. For more information on this product, visit the Chocolate Inspirations Website.

Gourmet Vegan Pretzel Bites

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