No Bread? Try Katie’s Vegetarian Sandwich Sushi


Katie's Sandwich SushiKatie ~ Picture your sandwich-craving self in this situation: You are ravenously hungry, having just returned from (insert some kind of vigorous exercise here). You drove home imagining (and salivating over) the sandwich you were a mere 15 minutes away from consuming. You tear into your kitchen, barely taking the time to remove your jacket, and start gathering the ingredients: carrots, a perfectly ripe (albeit storebought, it being winter and all) tomato, zucchini, sprouts, lettuce, and pumpkin hummus (freshly made yesterday!). While lamenting the lack of avocado, you reach into the fridge for that…loaf…of… (slowly dawning on you)…bread. Remember? That loaf that you finished last night.

It's too late to turn back though. You've got sandwich on the brain, and once that happens, re-heated leftovers aren't going to cut it. What do you do?!?!

First you whine (out-loud to your empty house). Then you (very briefly) contemplate a trip to the grocery store. Then a lightbulb goes on in your head, and you remember the nori wraps you bought a few weeks ago (thinking foolishly that you would use them for sushi). Could you really..? No, that would be weird. Right? Glancing back in the fridge (lest a loaf of bread magically appear), you spy the sign that clinches the deal: wasabi mustard …

It's as though this condiment were speaking to you; telling you to merge the idea of a sandwich with sushi. Desperate, you embrace the unknown and start making Sandwich Sushi:

1. Prepare the ingredients.


2. Make the sushi as though it were a sandwich. Hummus as the first layer, then lettuce, sprouts, carrots, zucchini, and tomato.


3. Roll, wrap, repeat. Do this three times. Then cut them up into sushi sized pieces, serve with some wasabi mustard for dipping, and eat with chopsticks. Sure the chopsticks are probably overkill, but you want to preserve the integrity of the sushi. Plus, it's kind of fun to eat with chopsticks.


This really did happen to me a few months ago. It was one of those rare occasions where something really great came from what could have been a really bad situation. Since going gluten free a year ago, sandwich sushi has been put into regular lunch rotation. As for the wasabi mustard? So. freakin. good.

**Note: When wrapping the sushi, wet the edge of the nori sheet to get the rolls to stick closed. Then let them rest for a couple minutes, edge down, so that they stick better. And, the tighter the wrap, the better.


Article, recipe, and photos by Katie of Making Food and Other Stuff. Katie is a graduate student getting her PhD in biology. She loves to cook, craft, and exercise, and we love that she chooses to share all of it on her incredibly witty blog. Katie's recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free, and often sugar-free, but don't worry … thanks to her voracious sweet tooth, you will still spot many cookie and muffin recipes on her blog.


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