PCOS Patient Ordered off of Dairy in 2007


Anonymous ~ Let me say, if I could take home my Dermatologist, I would.. this doctor is the FIRST doctor in my life who took on my unique condition, PCOS. June of 2007 it was recommended by my Dermatologist (Dr W. Danby in Manchester, NH) to go Dairy Free.  He had compiled a journal on his findings with women who are diagnosed with PCOS and the effects of Dairy. Let me just say, he was right… It was a little difficult for the first 4 months.  I gave myself time to wean off during the first 2 months.  By month 3, I was down to 2 svgs per week, and then by Month 4, I had one serving a week and decided to delete Dairy by the end of that month …

I have been dairy free for over a complete year since eliminating the last of the weaning.  I am finding losing weight is much more productive without dairy in my diet.  The PCOS makes things hard as it is, but its more manageable.  My hair is growing back, my nails are MUCH MORE harder than before… I never had true problems with Acne before, but I havent had any acne for a year. 

Through my medical history of 25 years, both my Dermatologist have discovered that I have gone undiagnosed for Diabetes and learned that I was never tested for Gestational Diabetes while pregnant for my daughter.  The PCOS messed me up enough to the point that I cant have any more children, that even if I lost the weight, I have so much internal damage that, it could kill me… took time to get out of that scare, but, Ive accepted it well.

Going Dairy Free has made a difference.  My highest weight was almost 300 lbs.  One year later, I am down to 250, and can FEEL the difference.  I have another 72 lbs to go, and I know I can do this…

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