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Addictive Bar Snacks Revisited – I must confess, my bar hopping days are neatly tucked away in my memories, and I now happily live a “health-nut” lifestyle.  However, we all need some delicious bite-sized morsels to appease our starving dinner guests upon arrival; especially as the barbecue days of summer set in.  My one unwavering rule when selecting munchies (or any other food for that matter) is that they must contain familiar ingredients.  Yes, I am one of those strange people, who prefer to purchase REAL FOOD.

Obviously a popular barbecue selection would be those trans fat laden crispy wafers that no one can keep their hands out of, a.k.a. potato chips.  There are now some baked varieties (my husband kindly refers to these as cardboard) and a growing number of trans fat free brands.  But let’s face it; potato chips really have become boring, standard fair.  I wanted something full of flavor, something new, but that evokes a feeling of comfort food.  Enter Chili Nutterz.


I was lucky enough to come across Chili Nutterz well before Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial beginning of barbecue season.  Of course, I will have to restock prior to our first hosting, as it seems our supply has magically disappeared.  Okay, I admit it … I ate them … but my husband helped.  Addictive is an understatement when it comes to these hybrid nut / corn snacks.

nutterzSo what are Chili Nutterz?  They are peanuts, individually wrapped in a crispy corn coating and dusted with a chili flavored seasoning.  The result is a wonderful taste and texture experience.  I like spice, but not heat, so I was a bit fearful of the smiling red chili pepper on the package.  Luckily, he is smiling with kindness and not evil, sneaky torture.  The spices added a delicious flavor, and left a light tingling on my tongue, sans heat.  I was ever so grateful.

Best of all, these do pass the all-natural test, with a completely legible ingredient list.  In fact, they even have a good dose of honest to goodness nutrients.  Perish the thought!  It is true; each handful offers a dose of protein, unsaturated fat, and even fiber.  Chili Nutterz are also cholesterol-free and very low in sugar, though as you can imagine, the sodium is a bit extravagant.

Granted, eating an entire bag per day may take the place of some more nutrient dense foods, but when those salty cravings hit, this is your snack.  If you do plan on sharing, make sure you buy a good-sized bag, as these little suckers won’t last long!

My Extra Notes & Tips:  Though wonderful for most dinner guests, and even the lactose intolerant, I do not recommend Chili Nutterz for your more sensitive food allergy guests, as they do contain nuts, eggs, wheat, corn, and soy.

Where to Purchase:  Chili Nutterz are being loaded on trucks as I type for shipment to various stores in the Northeast. Check the store locator on their website, as I am sure distribution will continue to expand.  If you can’t find them in your local area, have no fear, they can be purchased from the Chili Nutterz Online Store.

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