New Morning Graham-Wiches (DISCONTINUED)


Talk about the perfect marriage: graham cracker meets the sandwich cookie! I simply adored the concept, and even my graham-hating husband had to admit that New Morning’s Graham-Wiches were pretty darn good. They come in two flavors, and our little taste-testing group had the opportunity to trial both:

New Morning Graham-Wiches: Honey & Vanilla Creme and Chocolate & PB Creme

Honey Graham & Vanilla Crème – Familiar, yet unique, these were a winner with everyone.  The cookie portion seems so close to the vanilla wafers typically used in good sandwich cookies, yet the underlying graham properties peak out, adding intrigue. But what I was most smitten with was the rich vanilla crème with the warm honey aftertaste.

The texture of the filling was spot on, allowing the cookie to easily separate so you could indulge in the pieces separately. But, when I resisted the temptation to split them apart, I noticed that the graham cookies were just a tad less sweet than vanilla wafers, offering an excellent match for that sugary-sweet filling, and keeping either taste from being too dominant.

As mentioned, my husband isn’t a fan of graham crackers, so he refused to sample these at first. When he finally gave in, he loved them. Though I loved the graham cracker taste, he was pleased that they didn’t taste overwhelmingly like graham crackers. It seems a nice balance has been achieved.

Chocolate Graham & Peanut Butter Crème – These had a definite Nutter Butter vibe. Since I had never eaten a chocolate graham cracker, the combo came as a surprise. It definitely seemed milder in chocolaty-ness than an Oreo wafer, but still quite crispy. In fact, this cookie wanted to break apart on me. That was the only problem. The cookies tended to break in half, and even the frosting wanted to break away from the cookie. This could have been a batch issue, and certainly didn’t detract from the taste.

I loved the filling, which is less sweet than the Vanilla-Honey filling (but still quite sweet) and had that slightly-salted peanut butter taste. Overall I enjoyed them, but I really am a vanilla and honey kind of gal, so my loyalty remains with the Vanilla Crème Graham-Wiches. My husband, who typically leans toward anything chocolate, also cast his vote for the Vanilla Crèmes. The PB filling just didn’t work for him. However, our third taste-tester Stacy loved both. At heart, she is a Nutter Butter and chocolate fan, so when we forced her to cast a “favorite” vote, she sided with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Graham-Wiches.
New Morning Graham-Wiches: Honey & Vanilla Creme and Chocolate & PB Creme

Bonus Cookie Points: Unlike so many other sandwich cookies on the market, New Morning’s Graham-Wiches are made with organic ingredients, and don’t have any funny business going on with those ingredient labels. They do use a touch of soy lecithin, but are otherwise soy-free (or I should say soy protein-free and no soy oils) in addition to the dairy-free profile.

 For more information on this product, see the U.S. Mills Website (the makers of Graham-Wiches). Graham-Wiches are also available to order online via Amazon for a discount.

New Morning Graham-Wiches: Honey & Vanilla Creme and Chocolate & PB Creme

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