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Not long ago I had the opportunity to sample Gnu Bars and declare them one of my all time favorite energy / snack bar brands. Of course, what does any awesome bar manufacturer do? Come out with more flavors of course! Armed with cute boxes of the Lemon Ginger and Espresso Chip Gnu Bars (still filled with whole grains and sweetened with only fruit juice!), we began the taste-testing:

Lemon Ginger

My husband, the ginger hater, wouldn’t go near these bars, but I jumped at the chance. You see, I have what you might call a passion for ginger. Crystallized ginger … I would spike all of my baked goods with it if I could. Pickled ginger … never a bit left on my sushi plate. Ginger lemon bars from Gnu … all mine, and the first flavor to be devoured.

Gnu Lemon Ginger Whole Grain Energy Bars

Upon first bite, the lemon was what really grabbed me, but as it mellowed, the ginger warmth and bite kicked in. Both flavors were quite present, but in my opinion, neither was overpowering. I really found it to be a pleasant and harmonious mix. Now, perhaps Gnu will consider a ginger-chocolate bar, or maybe ginger blueberry? Hmm, what about gingerbread … I think we have a winner!

Espresso Chip

Usually when I taste coffee flavored items, I find myself saying, “the flavor was mellow enough that even non-coffee drinkers, such as myself, can enjoy.” Not the case with this caffeinated booster.

This Gnu flavor had a pure espresso shot kick that any coffee fan would swoon over. Surprisingly, though I don’t like coffee at all, I enjoyed this bar; but needless to say, it wouldn’t be my first flavor choice. Spike it with some big chocolate chunks, and perhaps I would reconsider. My husband, who loves his morning cuppa joe, did like this flavor (returning back to the box on numerous occasions), but the sugar-aholic in him wanted more of a sweet mocha flavor.

I think my two favorites are still the Cranberry Orange and Chocolate Brownie (while the husband gies top marks to the Chocolate Brownie and Banana Walnut), but I would happily purchase the Lemon Ginger for myself and the Espresso Chip for my husband, if I was able to locate them locally while out and about!

For our take on the other Gnu flavors, see my prior Gnu Review.

Where to Buy: You can buy direct form the Gnu Foods website, on Amazon (with FREE shipping!), and thankfully, I have seen them in natural food stores such as Whole Foods.

This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook. For more information on this product, see the Gnu Foods website.

Gnu Lemon Ginger Whole Grain Energy Bars

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