Amy’s Indian Samosa Wraps


These wrap style samosas held great potential with their wonderful list of virtuous and organic ingredients.  Truth be told, I had never had a samosa, but when I saw the Amy’s label, I knew that these would be the best way to have my first taste of this traditional Indian food.

Amy's Indian Samosa Wraps

Per standard, my appetite couldn’t wait the hour required by the baking instructions, so into the microwave they went for a quick nuke.  Following the instructions, they easily cooked through in the allotted time, though the top layer of the wrap became a bit crispy (not a bad thing), while the bottom became rather soggy (not such a good thing).  This moisture made it difficult to pick up without the insides emerging.

Regardless,  I loved the flavor.  Each samosa concealled a very, very mild heat that even the sensitive taste buds of a child could appreciate.  There was a good amount of peas and actual chunks of potato.  Yes, some of the potato was mashed, but a good deal was left as hearty chunks, which was kind of cool in my opinion.  You know, somewhat reminiscent of real, unprocessed food.  I love Amy’s!

Amy's Indian Samosa Wraps

The samosa filling did lean a bit toward the dry side (aside from the soggy side) making it a bit difficult to consume without some liquids handy.  I have to give this Amy’s product an A+ for flavor and ingredients, though the texture and poor cooking performance mean that Amy’s Indian Tofu Wrap is still my hands down favorite.

My Extra Notes: The Samosas are essentially wraps, cloaked in what looked and tasted like a tortilla.  As I am not a regular samosa conossieur, I am unable to verify the authenticity of this … though it seemed like a good idea.

Where to Purchase: Amy’s products are sold throughout the US, in most grocers. But shop around though, as many mainstream grocers mark Amy’s products up far beyond the prices in natural food stores (surprisingly).  Some of Amy’s products, such as the soups and pasta sauces, are available online, direct from the Amy’s Store.

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  1. Rebecca Helene Thomas on

    These are sooo good! I have these handy for quick meals. me and my husband love indian food and we love the idea of having it in a handy little wrap. It is best when you wrap them in foil and bake in the oven so they are not soggy.

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