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Thank you so much to Stephanie for recommending the HoneyBaked Ham Store:

Honey Baked Ham Store has the best site I’ve ever seen for identifying allergens. They have a list and you click what you can’t have and it returns a list of foods they offer without those ingredients. So, if you put in milk, it shows everything dairy-free at one glance. Very easy to use! Wish every restaurant did this!

It was a bit of a tangle through their site to find this great search, so I’m including the direct link here (please Contact Us if the link breaks): www.nutritionix.com/honeybaked-ham/menu/special-diets/premium

At last check, the list of dairy-free items at the HoneyBaked Ham Store included many of their signature meats, breads, sauces, dressings, and veggies to help “build your own” menu item, plus soups and several retail / take away goods.

See the HoneyBaked Ham website for locations.

Website: www.honeybaked.com

The HoneyBaked Ham Store and Cafe offers an Easy Online Allergen Search Menu

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  1. Hi I appreciate your research. We’re hoping to place a Thanksgiving order. We’re not dealing with an allergy, we’re dealing with a child who has Galactosemia which is life-threatening. There is no medication to reverse the effects. So we need to be even more careful than an allergic reaction. I’m looking into the Honey Baked Ham company. I see ‘milk’ listed as an allergen on their list, but they don’t list ‘butter’. We need completely dairy-free. Advice?

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