Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers


Update: Please not that Freddy’s is now using (as of 2015), buns that contain dairy. As with any restaurant, check with them on their options before ordering.

Go Dairy Free viewer Michelle, went above and beyond to find out what dairy-free options were available at a fast food place she enjoys. They responded with not only dairy-free information, but also helpful info for gluten, soy, and MSG concerns:

“Our steakburgers and hot dogs do not contain fillers, so they are free of soy, dairy, or wheat/gluten products. Our grilled chicken is MSG-free.  Our buns are dairy-free, but not gluten-free, so you would need to eat your steakburger, hot dog, or grilled chicken without the bun. You can order these items “protein-style,” wrapped in lettuce, or on a bed of lettuce for a salad (neither of these are on the menu, but can be prepared in any of our restaurants.) Also, our Freddy’s Seasoning is gluten- and MSG-free, so you don’t have to worry about what we’re using to season our steakburgers, hot dogs, and fries. Our fries are MSG- and gluten-free (the coating is rice flour), however they are fried in the same fryer as chicken strips and onion rings, so if you cannot tolerate even particles of gluten, you would want to avoid our fries.  Along those same lines, I should warn you that our hot dogs are warmed on the same grill as our buns, so there is a chance that particles of buns could come into contact with our hot dogs unless you warn your server of your allergies, and request that they wipe the grill clean before warming your hot dog.

Also, our fries do not contain dairy, but our onion rings contain whey, and they are fried in the same fryer.

I hope this information will make it possible for you to enjoy a dining experience at Freddy’s sometime soon. Also, just so you know, we are currently developing an allergen brochure that will be made available to our guests in the restaurants, and will also be posted on our website [this was stated in July, 2011, see their website to look for an allergen chart].”

See the website below for menus, locations, and hours.


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  1. The bread isn’t dairy free. We put a super thin butter layer on the bottom of the top bun and then toast it.

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