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Love ’em or hate ’em, where would we be without Whole Foods? They have brought natural foods to the forefront, and if you’ve got one in your local area (see the website link below for the store locator) I recommend checking it out. Though their prices can be high (earning the store the nickname of “whole paycheck”) their sales can be quite good, and they carry so many dairy-free and special diet foods that it’s mind boggling. I do shop at Whole Foods, but admit that my I typically fill a basket, not a cart, every month. Shop around, enjoy the selection, and you might just be surprised by some items (in a good way!) when doing price comparisons.

Here is a comment from Go Dairy Free viewer, Katerina, with some notes on her local Whole Foods:

Whole Foods will even allow  you to taste some of the items for free. The Whole Foods in Lakewood, Colorado has a large freezer and bakery section that caters to specialty diets.

If you identify any great dairy-free finds at Whole Foods, feel free to share in the comments!

Website: www.wholefoods.com

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  1. Whole Foods also offers case discounts on many items. I am grateful to have one near me soI can find foods for my multiple allergy diet. I buy coconut yogurt and coconut milk by the case. Every little bit of saving helps!

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