Laughing Giraffe Organics Offers New Year Special and Switches to “Real Raw Agave”


Laughing Giraffe SnackaroonsHigh quality food does come at a price, but when the quality keeps improving AND a discount is offered … well, it is at least worth a look.  The following was sent from the busy raw "bakers" at Laughing Giraffe (all of their products are raw, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free):  "I would like to kickoff the new year with some good news, we have found a fantastic new agave to use in our products! Due to all the speculation about the purity of the agave nectar produced at the Nekutli factory in Mexico we have chosen to switch to a new agave product. I am by no means saying the allegations are true or not, I am simply opting to discontinue using it because I do feel there is an issue with the quality. We are now using Ultimate Superfoods "Real Raw agave", this is a superb product and I am really excited about it.

This is the purest agave I have ever had and can only compare the taste to that of wild honey, you can really taste the floral accents in the nectar. It tastes like it came from a dessert plant and not just like super sweet syrup like the other agaves on the market. Also, Ultimate Superfoods "real raw agave" is clear and not the light amber color of other agaves on the market. I can honestly say that this product has greatly improved the quality of our granolas and snakaroons and I am so excited about it I cannot wait for everyone to try it. So, how about starting the new year off with some Laughing Giraffe Organics granola or Snakaroons made with Ultimate Superfoods "Real Raw agave"."

Enter discount code: realraw
and receive a 15% discount. This offer is good until 1/31

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