Tips for Going Dairy-Free with Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity


Celiac Awareness MonthAlisa Fleming ~ Did you know that this is National Celiac Awareness Month? Yes indeedy. So it comes as no surprise that the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness would be hosting a massive campaign called Keep It Simple & Safe (KISS for short). They invited me to be a part of the event, and this week’s theme is “Hitting a Roadblock.” Hmm, what roadblock could I possibly be discussing? One guess! Yes, you can read my post entitled 5 Tips to Becoming a Dairy-Free Diva on the NFCA website.

So what does dairy-free living have to do with Celiac? The answer is two-fold. First, lactose intolerance is very common among newly diagnosed Celiac patients. In fact, many doctors recommend that these patients go both gluten-free and dairy-free from the get-go. For many (but not all) of these people, the lactose intolerance subsides with time as their gut heals. However, this is where answer number two comes into place …

Recent research has shown that there is an increase in the prevalence of milk protein intolerance among those who have Celiac disease. One study found that 50% of its participants with Celiac disease had an immune response to milk protein (particularly casein) that was similar to their immune response to gluten. None of the controls had a response to the milk protein, suggesting a strong tie between milk sensitivity and Celiac disease.

For more information on going dairy-free, with or without a gluten intolerance, enjoy and my article featured on the NFCA website.

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Source: Digestive and Nutritional Considerations in Celiac Disease: Could Supplementation Help? By Tom Malterre, MS, CN, Alternative Medicine Review Volume 14, Number 3 2009

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