The Vegan Scoop is a Cookbook for the Dairy-free Ice Cream Enthusiast


If you are an ice cream enthusiast like myself, you will love The Vegan Scoop by Wheeler Del Torro! This book is not only filled with great dairy free ice cream recipes, it is loaded with great recipes to go with all of the ice creams you will make. The Vegan Scoop comes in a fun colorful package, as well. I love great photos in cookbooks and this one is full of colorful pictures that will entice you to make more and more!

The book starts off by explaining the different ingredients that are used in the book. It also gives you a list of tips and techniques to help you make a great frozen dessert product at home. I started off with making vanilla. I wanted to see what the consistency of the ice cream would be like. Let’s be honest, vanilla is the true test for ice cream. I have to say that I was completely shocked with how scoopable this was right from the freezer!

The Vegan Scoop (Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes) by Wheeler del Toro

I then decided to try out the recipe for hot fudge. This was the perfect topper for this creamy, dairy free ice cream treat!

The Vegan Scoop (Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes) by Wheeler del Toro

The next ice cream flavor I tried out was nectarine. Well, I actually had a surplus of fresh peaches from South Carolina, so I substituted the nectarines with its fuzzy cousin…the peach. This recipe did not fail me either. It was very creamy and had a great peach flavor!

The Vegan Scoop (Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes) by Wheeler del Toro - Peach

The only complaint I have is that all of the recipes say they make about a quart and that is really not the case. If you look at the quantities in the ingredients list, you will be able to tell that the recipe makes more, so make sure your ice cream maker has more than a one quart capacity. Other than that, these ice cream recipes have me excited to try more.

For my last recipe from the book (just for now) I tried out the twinkie recipe. I wish that I had a twinkie pan, but I don’t so these were baked in a muffin pan. Even though they don’t look like twinkies, my boys loved them. If you ask me, that is a winning vote …

The Vegan Scoop (Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes) by Wheeler del Toro - Twinkies

I don’t know that I would call them twinkies, but they were a great little snack cake. I would like to try them again with a twinkie pan next time! I think that is the only way to truely judge how close it is to a twinkie. If you are looking for great dairy-free ice cream recipes that you can make at home (so much cheaper than store bought) and you don’t live close enough to get the real deal from Wheeler, then The Vegan Scoop from Wheeler Del Torro is the book for you!

Additional Review of The Vegan Scoop by Mimi Clark

Mimi is a vegan and vegetarian cooking instructor who sent in her own review on this cookbook. Here is what Mimi had to say.

To test out The Vegan Scoop I made the dairy-free chocolate and vanilla ice creams, using organic ingredients in my old Donvier ice cream maker. It turned out great; creamy, rich, decadent! Wheeler’s recipes are clear, concise, and easy to follow.

For a real ice cream parlor touch, I scooped the chocolate homemade ice cream into cones, and garnished with  Sprinkelz (aka Jimmies in the NE). To mix things up you can use Edward and Sons organic sugar cones, cake-style ice cream cup cones, or organic gluten-free cones. [There are also cone recipes in The Vegan Scoop should you feel adventurous!]

The Vegan Scoop Chocolate Ice Cream

You can tell from the photo that the ice cream is dark and rich. One of the things that I like about Wheeler’s recipes is that they call for only 3/4 cup of sugar to yield one quart of ice cream. The ice cream is sweet but not cloyingly so.

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