Mudslinger’s TarMack Dairy-Free “Ice Cream” Cake (DISCONTINUED)


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I waited patiently for the package from Maggie Mudd to arrive on the date scheduled.  Since were experiencing unseasonably warm weather, I wanted to run no risk that my ice cream cake should melt whilst awaiting me on the porch.  When it finally showed, I ripped open the dry-ice packed box (yes, ripped) to discover not one, but two ice cream cakes!  Each was neatly packaged in its own durable and reclosable box, and slid into some very enticing labels.

 Tarmack Mudslinger Cake

With Easter dinner just a day away, and ten hungry family members to share with, I reluctantly held off from opening either cake.  Probably one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  Images of rich ice cream and creamy chocolate frosting taunted me in my sleep.

The next day, I rushed through dinner, taking only the bare minimum required to stave off immense hunger until dessert.  At last, the time had arrived!  We brought out the cake.  At first glance it seemed somewhat petite, but it was almost as tall as it was wide.  The base was about ½ inch of chocolate brownie like crust.  The next layer was the “cake,” a.k.a. densely packed, creamy, rich chocolate peanut butter “ice cream” spiked with big chunks of Oreo-like cookies.  Atop this very tall layer was a very thin coating of peanut butter icing.  And the Pièce de résistance?  None other than a thick decorative frosting ring encircled the top of the cake.  No, it wasn’t one of those horrible sugar and shortening concoctions that just looks pretty.  This creamy, milk chocolate like frosting turned out to be my favorite part! 

 Tarmack Mudslinger Cake

But lets get back to the cake.  The ice cream is very hard-packed, so a sharp warm knife helped immensely in the cutting process.  As modesty took hold, everyone started with what looked like a small piece.

As I tasted my first bite, my brain instantly piped up with back talk, “Is this for real?  No seriously, there is no way this thing could be completely vegan.”  I double-checked the ingredient label.  Organic, all natural, dairy-free, vegan…it was all true.  I was not the only one enrobed in disbelief.  Words like “wow”, “incredible”, and “decadent” filled the air.  My husband, who at best mutters an “its okay” when trialing a new product, was insanely impressed, announcing that it was REALLY good.  My ice cream loving sister chimed in, "You really can't tell the difference!"

The cake was so rich it reminded me of a dense chocolate torte, but converted into ice cream form.  The deep chocolate and peanut butter “ice cream” was perfectly complimented by the cookie bites.  While the brownie base, peanut butter icing, and milk chocolaty frosting made for one pleasure-full bite after another.  No mud slinging occurred while we were enjoying this out of this world dessert! – bad pun intended.

A little goes a long ways with the decadent Tarmack cake.  However, it was really nice that none of us had the post-torte or ice cream sundae ill feeling.  Desserts of this magnitude often leave you wishing you had never indulged in the first place, but I felt perfectly satisfied and energized after this luxury. 

As luck would have it, three of my [strange]nieces will not touch anything that is remotely peanut butter.  This meant a second dessert for my husband and I the next day.  We quietly did our little “yeah dance” and tucked the cake back into its box for very safe and tidy storage in our freezer. 

 Tarmack Mudslinger Cake Tarmack Mudslinger Cake

My Extra Notes & Tips:

  • Kudos to Maggie Mudd for the awesome packaging.  Even with overnight handling (or should I call it juggling) by the postal service, our cake arrived as perfect as it left their shop.  Plus, the extra-durable box allowed us to wedge the cake into the nearest freezer opening without fear of destruction.
  • Yes, it really is vegan AND all natural.  Of course, at 350 calories per slice, this is no low cal treat. Yet, both the calories and fat are very moderate when compared with other ice cream treats.  Especially when you consider that one serving really does satisfy. 
  • The vegan status means this treat is not only dairy-free, but also cholesterol free. 
  • The storage box works wonders.  Beyond the box, we accidentally forgot to cover the cake in saran wrap overnight before slipping it back into the freezer.  To my pleasant surprise, even once it had been opened and cut, there was no crystallizing or ice forming.  It still tasted every bit as delicious and hard packed. 

Where to Purchase:  The bad news is, the Mudslinger cakes are currently only available in natural food stores within the San Francisco Bay Area.  The good news is, the folks at Maggie Mudd are trying their darnedest to expand distribution.  If you want to see their products in your local area, give them a call, send them an email, or ask your local grocer directly (and tell him their website is

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