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Updated! What is your favorite flavor of Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bars? It’s hard to pick one, isn’t it?

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bars Review

Not all of the Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bars are non-dairy and vegan, but fortunately, most are. And truth be told, these reliable treats have been an indulgence in our home since the day I spotted them locally. For roughly a decade, Tony and I have had fun picking numerous non-dairy flavors whenever we see them on sale. We use the excuse that the bars are fair trade and 10% of the company’s profits are donated to animal conservation. But in reality, we’re just addicted their consistently good chocolate.

Endangered Species Organic Fair Trade Chocolate - available in a variety of unique dairy-free vegan flavors!

Tasting Notes for Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bars

Endangered Species currently offers around 15 vegan dark chocolate varieties. We usually just devour them without taking any notes, but I’ve done my best to recount a few of the flavors.

Natural Dark Chocolate with Cherries

When I first bit in my taste buds were surprised, but extremely pleased!  This was the blend I had been looking for, a complex yet complimentary mix of dark chocolate and cherry essence. It isn’t the smoothest dark chocolate I have ever sunk my teeth into, but it is above average. For this reason, it seems to be an ideal background for these flavor enhancements.

Luckily, in my opinion, the cherry flavor hit it right. It was very smooth at first almost like a milk chocolate. As the light cherry scent hit my nose, and equally pleasant sweetness developed as the cherry notes gave way. Finally the flavor exited with a slightly unrefined dark chocolate aftertaste. I actually liked that it didn’t leave that sweet aftertaste that tends to leave me craving even more sugar.

Natural Dark Chocolate with Blueberries

For some reason, this is a flavor that we keep coming back to. I can’t say why for sure. Maybe we just like the way blueberries and dark chocolate play together. But I will say that this bar is loaded with berry specks and a comforting flavor that gets devoured quickly.

Endangered Species Chocolate Bars - Review and List of Vegan and Dairy-Free Varieties

Natural Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Crunch

This is a seasonal holiday flavor of Endangered Species Chocolate Bars, and I hope they continue to bring it back year after year. It has their same, reliable dark chocolate with crunchy peppermint bites throughout that seem to maintain a slightly grown-up vibe.

Natural Dark Chocolate with Forest Mint

The chocolate itself is deep and dark (70%) with just a slight bitter aftertaste that keeps it from completely accomplishing a truly “smooth” dark flavor.  Yet the mint flavor melds perfectly for a deliciously enjoyable experience. This is another variety that we continue to buy, almost out of habit!

Natural Dark Chocolate with Cacao  Nibs

I am still warming up to the “intense” dark chocolates and to cacao nibs. Fortunately, this bar was really quite delicious … and addictive. It was lightly sweet with a pleasant crunch from the nibs, and it didn’t have a noticeably bitter aftertaste, which was nice. I devoured square after square, until magically, the entire 3 ounce bar had disappeared. Oh yes, and these are nice, big bars too – trust me, 3 ounces is a hefty chunk!

Though I don’t recommend this variety for dark chocolate newbies, those who already enjoy 60 to 70% dark bars may want to give this variation a try. Also, just a quick heads up: This chocolate is vegan and dairy-free by ingredients, but it may contain trace amounts of milk since it is made on shared equipment with their milk chocolate line.

Endangered Species Chocolate Bars - Review and List of Vegan and Dairy-Free VarietiesPhotos from Endangered Species

The Facts on Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bars

Price: $2.29 per 3-ounce bar

Certifications: Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bars are Certified Vegan, Certified Gluten Free, Non-GMO Verified, Fair Trade, and Certified Kosher OU-D (they are dairy-free by ingredients, but dairy may be present on the lines or in the facility – see our Understanding Kosher guide). Select varieties may be Certified Organic, too.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bars dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, gluten-free, grain-free,  peanut-free, vegan / plant-based, vegetarian. Some varieties are nut-free by ingredients. Nonetheless, always read the ingredient statement and check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

For More Product Information: Visit the Endangered Species website at chocolatebar.com.

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Good and guilt-free

4.0 rating
June 15, 2019

I tried the Eagle bar, and it was delicious! I am so delighted to find a tasty, fair-trade salted chocolate.


chocolate comparison

1.0 rating
May 8, 2019

Taste like liberal California donkey chocolate from behind ,true rating real world I’m true chocolate lover that is the worst one ever tasted so far


Good dark chocolate

5.0 rating
March 8, 2019

Endangered Species isn’t the smoothest or most luxurious dark chocolate that I have ever enjoyed, but it is quite good. And I think for the price (when on sale), and the nice selection it hits the “sweet spot” for getting me to open up my wallet and make a chocolate purchase time and time again.


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