Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese: Ready to Spread, Melt or Dip


Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese is a soft, spreadable vegan cheese alternative that boasts versatility as a dip and a melty sauce or topping. I recently had the chance to sample every flavor, but it wasn’t my first encounter with this allergy-friendly brand.

Years ago, a tasty line of cheesy dips burst onto the dairy-free scene. It was made by the brand Wayfare Foods, and called We Can’t Say It’s Cheese. But almost as quickly as those tubs appeared, they seemingly vanished. Fortunately, they’re back. But they have dropped the cutesy name and simplified the look and the selection.

Tasting Notes for Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese

Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese comes in three Cheddar flavors: Original, Nacho, and Jalapeno. The Original tastes nearly spot on for Velveeta, but the ingredients are much more appealing. It’s made from a base of organic butter beans and organic oats, so it’s also much lighter. Each 1-ounce serving contains just 3 grams of fat and 35 calories.

Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese Review - Cheddar-Style Tubs that taste like Velveeta! Vegan, nut-free, soy-free

As promised, Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese is tasty as a cold, thick, creamy dip. It also melts with ease in the microwave for pouring on nachos or when broiled in the oven. It even worked like a dream in mac and cheese. I simply spooned some into the warm cooked noodles and it readily melted into a sauce that was thick enough to cling to the noodles. On the noodles, the flavor was a little bit muted, but a sprinkle of salt fixed the issue.

Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese Review - Cheddar-Style Tubs that taste like Velveeta! Vegan, nut-free, soy-free

The Nacho flavor was indeed the best on nachos. It had a little more flavor than the Original, but was still relatively mild. The Jalapeno was our second choice for nachos. It was the spiciest of the three, but it wasn’t too hot in my opinion. We also liked the Jalapeno with potato wedges and for making a kicked up mac and cheese.

Overall, Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese was a really fun product and our favorite dairy-free cheese, thus far, for topping nachos. I certainly wouldn’t say that it tastes like traditional cheddar, but it definitely has that comforting Velveeta vibe.

Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese Review - Cheddar-Style Tubs that taste like Velveeta! Vegan, nut-free, soy-free

The Facts on Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese

Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese Ingredients - Cheddar-Style Tubs that taste like Velveeta! Vegan, nut-free, soy-freeCertifications: Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese is Certified Kosher Pareve. It’s also labeled as vegan-friendly and non-GMO, but we didn’t note certifications for these.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese is dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, vegan, and vegetarian. Nonetheless, always read the ingredient statement and check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company or product.

For More Product Information: Visit the Wayfare website at wayfarefoods.com.

Buy Wayfare Dairy Free Cheese

Availability in Stores: This product line is gaining distribution at natural food stores in the U.S. Ask your local market to order it in if they don’t have it already.

Online Ordering: Wayfare also ships their products direct to consumers in ME, VT, NH, MA, NY, RI, CT, NJ, PA, MD, DC, DE, VA, WV, and OH. Visit wayfarefoods.com to order their Cheddar tubs online.

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The best

5.0 rating
July 22, 2019

Hands-down the best non-dairy cheddar dip/sauce on the market. The texture, consistency and taste outweigh anything my family has tried and we have tried a lot of substitutes.

Tova Schuerholz

Love the Cheddar Jalapeño!

5.0 rating
May 30, 2019

So impressed with the flavor AND the ingredient list. Finally a healthy vegan cheese dip.

Gwen Reeves

Versatile spreadable cheese alternative

5.0 rating
February 19, 2019

This soft, spreadable cheese does indeed melt and has the versatility to cover dip, topping, and sauce needs. It isn’t Cheddar, as the name implies, but it is nearly spot on for Velveeta (with much better ingredients – see below). Since we like that comforting cheesy vibe, this product earned topped marks for enjoyability with our tasters. Read the rest of this post for more details.


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  2. I love all the dairy free brands that are available now and how many are no longer tree nut based, which is such a treat! Even for people who can have dairy this seems like a way better choice than some of those oil based cheese spreads.

  3. Thank You For Yogurt Suggestion!

    Our Augratin Potatoes Tasted Delicious!
    Bless You for Your Service 🙂

  4. Alisa, Do you have ideas for a good substitute for cottage cheese? Not mashed tofu, but something tasty that will behave like cottage cheese in recipes? I have a fabulous recipe for a healthy red velvet ice cream that uses low fat cottage cheese and I would love to make it! It’s supposed to taste like red velvet cheesecake in ice cream form and I just don’t think I can get that from tofu…Help…

    • Have you considered using dairy-free yogurt in that recipe? I’m guessing it is the richness and slight tang of cottage cheese that gives it goodness. I would personally trial a combo of dairy-free yogurt and dairy-free, soy-free cream cheese alternative if using packaged products, or would make a nut cheese for it.

  5. Danielle Kern on

    I was looking at the dairy list, I saw goat milk but not sheep milk… why is goat considered dairy and not sheep?

  6. Dianne pelletier on

    My daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac and several new allergies, dairy and egg. Do you have any suggestions for substitutes for these items???. And shes allergic to soy too.