Dairy- AND Soy-Free Protein Powder … It Does Exist, and in Chocolate!


Hemp Protein Powder“Are there any protein powders made without dairy and soy?” I hear this one often, and I am always happy to say yes!  Rice and hemp based protein powders have actually been around for some time now, but now the demand has risen enough to warrant some exciting new flavors.  Manitoba Harvest has just announced their new Organic Vanilla and Organic Dark Chocolate Hemp Protein Powders.  These products can be found right now exclusively at Whole Foods Markets in the USA. They will be rolling out to stores in Canada in mid-August …

The organic Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder contains: organic hemp protein powder, organic fair trade evaporated cane juice, and organic vanilla flavor. This variety provides 11g of protein and 8g fiber per serving.

Their organic Dark Chocolate variety contains: organic hemp protein powder, organic evaporated cane juice and organic dark fair trade cocoa powder and provides 10g of protein and 8g of fiber per serving.

Hemp Protein Powder

Photos from Manitoba Harvest

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  1. a new Fish Protein Powder is available that is Dairy Free (and gluten free, hormone/antibiotic free) .

    the paleoista also blogged about it as well – tastes great in a shake.

  2. I’m looking for a protein powder that is wheat, dairy, and soy free. I do have sensitivities to gluten and vanilla. Is the Hemp protein only comes in dark chocolate ? is there just a regular one.

    • Manitoba may contain traces of gluten. For your needs, I would look for rice protein and pea protein options, which are becoming readily available. Vega has some protein blends that are nice, too, and meet this criteria.

    • I am not any type of nutrional expert, and am only commenting because I am lactose intolerant.
      “Regular” Chocolate flavor vs. “Dark” Chocolate flavor – “Regular” usually mean Milk Chocolate, while Dark does not…….(I think)

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