MimicCreme Receives Rave Review as a Dairy Substitute


MimicCreme Unsweetened Vegan Cream SubstituteWhen viewer Mary sent in an inquiry desperately seeking a good coffee creamer, I pulled out all of the options I could think of. You can view my full response to Mary (with additional creamer recommendations) in last week's post "Is there a good dairy-free substitute for coffee creamer?" 

Mary took one of my suggestions, MimicCreme, and put it to the test. She was kind enough to report back too, so that we could share her findings with you here:

"The MimicCreme arrived from Amazon.com today. The verdict: AMAZING!!!
I believe that this product is one that will enable those who would genuinely like to go vegan to do so. I can see utilizing this in so many dishes that call for fresh dairy cream; MimicCreme is unsurpassed in texture — I didn't think I'd ever find anything that complimented good coffee the way organic and/or raw milk does …

A problem does rest in the costs of the shipping weight: it cost me only $1.00 less to ship, than did the total cost of the product (1 gallon @ 4 32-oz packages)  — and that put it at a total of $38.60. YIKES …..

Ordered on the 8th, I paid for 2-day shipping or else it would not arrive so, until approximately the 17th of February, and I did not know the conditions of the transit, even with the aseptic packaging. However, the MimiCreme website itself is fantastic and interesting — and it provides a full menu of retail purchase sites, even in GA!  As such, it would be worth the cost of driving to purchase in bulk.
Thank you so much for this lead; I will be telling others."

In a second email, she continued:

"The MimicCreme works really well with coffee as it is extremely rich in texture, and it compliments the coffee in creating the cafe au lait shading that is so inviting in many coffee drinks, both hot and cold. Additionally, MimiCreme froths nicely, even as it is rich and heavy in texture.
I purchased the MimicCreme Unsweetened regular cream substitute.
Hopefully, purchasing volume will eventually drive down the rather considerable per unit cost as time goes on, making it more affordable and viable as a daily substitute for families having lactose-intolerance and other dairy issues."

MimicCreme has released two coffee creamers also, but people like Mary do seem to enjoy the regular MimicCreme in the coffee regardless. For more information, visit www.mimiccreme.com. As Mary found, MimicCreme (including the new creamers) are available on Amazon for a discount.

MimicCreme Unsweetened Ingredients: Purified Water, Almonds, Cashews, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rice Starch, Non-Iodized Salt


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MimicCreme Unsweetened Vegan Cream Substitute

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