Testing the Limits of Trust After a Food Allergy Reaction


A recent article entitled, "Can You Trust Again? Post-Allergy Trauma: Going Back to Normal After an Allergic Attack," addresses a tough issue that many food allergy moms face at some time.  The following is an excerpt from the article … "Gina Clowes thought the hard candy her son had just eaten was safe for his multitude of food allergies. The candy turned out to be a chewy variety that triggered a severe allergic reaction. For both parents and kids, getting over a bad allergy attack can take time and trust. "You look at the clock and seconds are all taking a minute," said Clowes, who had given her son a shot of epinephrine to counteract the attack and was waiting for the reaction to subside. "I was the one thing he could trust," she said. And, in this instance, "I goofed."

Trust can be a tricky concept for many individuals and families dealing with severe and potentially fatal allergies. Although doctors say some anxiety and fear is good because it promotes the vigilance required to be safe, a frightening allergic episode can heighten anxiety to the point where moving on seems impossible — and even unwanted.

Clowes, founder of the community resource site AllergyMoms.com, said her son, now in second grade, still remembers the frightening incident. For a long time afterward, he repeatedly asked whether Clowes had read the nutrition labels on foods."

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