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This fun pizza cookie recipe was “delivered” by Gina Clowes at  Gina keeps the food allergy community up to date on the latest news.

“Here’s a cute idea for a party or picnic for those with peanut allergy or multiple food allergies. The version that I make is free of gluten, dairy, egg, peanuts and tree nuts. Please check all ingredients for safety and your own comfort level. Recipe Follows.”Pizza Cookie

To make the “Crust”

To make the cookie,prepare one package of Miss Robens or Cherry Brook Kitchens Sugar Cookie Mix. Form mix into a ball and press into a large circle on your cookie sheet. Leave at least an inch all around as the cookie will expand as it cooks. Increase baking time by about 10 minutes or until cookie is thoroughly baked.

For the “Sauce”

Melt one package of Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips and spread over the pizza leaving the “crust” visible. Allow to set. An alternative is to use ¾ cup of organic strawberry preserves.

Add “Green Peppers”

Sprinkle about a dozen green Mike & Ikes or Divvies green jelly beans.

For the “Cheese”

Prepare one package of Cherrybrook kitchen vanilla icing and mix with a half package of dairy free white chocolate chips, melted. When the mixture is thin enough to swirl around but stay intact, drizzle it around on top of the dark chocolate (or strawberry preserves) to look like melted cheese.

Top with “Pepperoni”

Top with a safe round gummy candy, or red gumballs cut in half. Try Farley Hot Cinnamon dollars, Double Bubble large gumballs or Divvies Gumballs.

Fun Extras:

Buy a large pizza box from the grocery store or local pizza parlor. This is a great way to transport the cookie. How fun it is to walk into a party or celebration and have a safe treat that all of the kids fuss over!

Buy “Guest Checks” from your local Wal-Mart or office supply store. You can include a birthday message or use them as place cards for a kid’s party.

Sprinkle “parmesan cheese” on top with grated safe white chocolate.

Buy a hot pepper shaker
at the Dollar Store and fill it with safe chocolate or red sprinkles for the kids to shake on their slices. They get a real kick out of this!

Cut and serve like pizza slices on white paper plates and Enjoy!

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