Top 12 Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays


Updated for 2016! Our team of Go Dairy Free reviewers has taste-tested dozens of dairy-free chocolates (it’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it), and the following chocolate gifts won our top marks for fun and festive, sensationally smooth and creamy, or downright indulgent.

Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays: A Dozen Gift-Worthy Indulgences that EVERYONE will Enjoy (vegan, gluten-free, allergy-friendly options)


Set the Bar High with these Chocolate Gifts

1. Dear Coco

This little dairy-free chocolatier originally made us swoon with their wide array of Artisan Chocolate Toffee Bars. They start with creamy, all-natural dairy-free dark chocolate and then layer it with shards of rich vegan toffee, followed by nuts or seeds. With numerous globally-inspired bars to choose from five-spice, white sesame Shangai to almond Barcelona, you are better off gifting the entire set. They are dairy-, egg-, and gluten-free. Dear Coco offers other amazing chocolate gifts, including truffles, artisan tiles, seasonal bars, and hot chocolate spoons! (For more info, see our full review here)

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Dear Coco Toffee Bars



2. Amore di Mona

Classical Amore di Mona offers a hybrid box of bars and caramels that is sure to please all of the low glycemic loved ones on your list. Neatly packaged, each gift box contains one of their creamy fair trade chocolate bars (love them!), one Caramela “bar” and one Caramela with Cherries “bar.” They are labeled as allergy-friendly (free of dairy, gluten, soy, peanuts and tree nuts), vegan, and diabetic-friendly. They also offer a boxed chocolate assortment. All of these products are also available on Amazon.

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Amore di Mona Chocolate Collections (low-glycemic)

3. Rescue Chocolate

Rescue Chocolate offers the vegan truffle bar gift that keeps on giving. They also have newer white chocolate bars and truffles for the sweeter side of your holiday list. This compassionate chocolatier donates 100% of net profits to animal rescue organizations, and offer chocolate gifts of all sizes, including: The Top Dog Collection, 4 Paw Collection, Animal House Collection, and Best in Show Collection. (For more info, see our full review here)

Top 12 Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays (Rescue Chocolate Bar Gift Pack pictured)

4. Nibmor

I’m in love with the All Natural Superfruit Bars from this fair trade, organic chocolate company. But why not gift the whole selection so your chocoholic can pick their own favorite? This “experience” even includes their hot chocolate singles. Smaller giftable selections of Nibmor are also available on Amazon. (For more info, see our full review here)

Top 12 Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays (Nibmor Chocolate Gift pictured)

5. Long Island Chocolate (Vegan) or Pure 7 (Paleo)

Since I haven’t trialed either of these brands, I simply couldn’t decide! This select line of vegan, kosher parve bars from Long Island Chocolate includes fun, grown-up flavors and comes in a great gift pack. But for the paleo people on your list, Pure 7 Chocolate is honey-sweetened and you get to pick the flavors you want to include in the box. At last check, they had eight to choose from, including a sugar-free bar that’s actually sweetened with stevia.

Top 12 Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays (pictured: Long Island Chocolate (Vegan) or Pure 7 (Paleo) gift chocolate bars)

Truffles and other Chocoholic Dreams

6. No Whey Chocolate

They are the best in the business when it comes to creating dairy-free chocolates for every season. They do shapes, caramels, creams, truffles, candy bar bags, white chocolate, dark chocolate, “milkless” milk chocolate, and so much more. The head chocolatier, Yochy, simply can’t stop creating and every year, he invents new chocolate confections for each major holiday. They maintain a dairy-, egg-, gluten-, and nut-free facility (contains soy), too. (For more info, see our full review here). Several of their products and gifts are available on Amazon.

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Premium Chocolatiers (just a sample of their holiday assortment)

7. Ethereal Confections

This lovely shop touts completely dairy-free and gluten-free, handmade chocolate gifts, and they are indeed heavenly! From decadent truffles and meltaways to nut butter-y nom noms this one-stop confection shop is a dairy-free chocoholic’s dream. (For more info, see our full review here)

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Ethereal Confections

8. Peanut Butter & Co

Perhaps it’s just the fact that they were the first kosher parve peanut butter company to emerge with delicious dairy-free flavors, like white chocolate wonderful. But no matter the reason, this remains one of my favorite giftable peanut butter companies. I love the latest Chocolate Dreams gift pack for those heading away on a sunny winter vacation. Throw in a jar of that White Chocolate Wonderful and all is complete. Just be warned that their other chocolate line, Chocmeister, contains dairy (one in the ingredients, and one on the line). You can also mix and match your own favorite PB & Co selections on Amazon. (For more into, see our full review here).

Top 12 Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays (pictured PB and Co Gift Bags)

9. Lagusta’s Luscious

This little truffle maker is far from ordinary. Lagusta hand crafts various chocolate treats and packages them in eco-friendly wrap that looks nothing like the “green” gifts of years past. Lagusta seems to love contrast, her truffle flavors are rustic yet the look and taste is quite refined. Though she has added many new options over the years, we still love her original line of intense truffles best. (For more info, see our full review here).

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Lagusta's Luscious Vegan Winter Solstice Gift

10. Rawmio

This is a superfood chocolatier that puts wholesomeness into each decadent bite via raw cacao nibs, coconut, nuts and coconut sugar as the only sweetener. But don’t let the healthier nature fool you, delights like their raw organic truffle cake will please all cacao purists. (For more info, see our full review here). Many Rawmio products, including their Truffle Cakes, are available on Amazon.

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Rawmio's insanely decadent Raw Organic Truffle Cake

11. Sjaak’s

Sjaak’s successfully ventures where many have tread, yet fallen short, before. While dairy-free white chocolate can seem impossible to master, they have hit the sweet spot with their Snowballs – over-sized truffles with a smooth, yet delightfully crunchy and rich hazelnut filling, enrobed in a thick blanket of smooth white chocolate. Enjoy this dreamy indulgence before the sugar coma sets in. Not into white chocolate? Sjaak’s has a huge assortment of gift-worthy chocolate boxes and treats, all vegan. (For more info, see our full review here)

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Sjaak's Vegan Chocolates and Truffles

12. Taza Chocolate

Taza sets themselves apart with earthy, stone-ground chocolate. Every bite is dairy-free, soy-free, certified gluten-free, organic, and direct trade. They offer all types of gift packages, including boxes filled with my favorite Taza delight, the Mexicano Chocolate Discs. The selection is huge, with more traditional flavors like Salted Almond and Ginger, and seasonal varieties, like Spiked Eggnog. (For more info, see our full review here). Many of the Taza Chocolate products and gifts are available on Amazon.

Top 12 Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays (Taza Stone Ground Chocolate pictured)

For more delicious dairy-free chocolate, see our Chocolate Reviews.

Bonus: Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts in Europe

Moo Free is a completely organic, dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free chocolatier offering advent calendars and chocolate santas. They can be hard to find in North America, but the brand is readily available in the U.K. and a bit in other countries. For the U.S., some Moo Free products are sold on Amazon.

Plamil Dairy Free is a division of another U.K. company. They produce organic, fair trade chocolates including some oh-so enticing Chocolate Snowmen. For the U.S., some Plamil products are sold on Amazon.

Dairy-Free Advent Calendars

There are now so many that I’ve moved these to their own special post! We update our Dairy-Free Advent Calendars listing every November, just in case you missed it! Click the image:

Dairy-Free Advent Calendars - A Full Round-Up with Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, & Soy-Free Options, too!

Please note that many of these brands are allergy-friendly, but ingredients and processes may vary and are subject to change. Always contact the company directly to confirm a product’s safety where severe food allergies or other food issues are a concern.

What are your Favorite Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts?

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