The 25 Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays


Updated 2020! Chocolate is always the perfect gift. Yes, always. It makes loved ones swoon, children clamor, coworkers sigh, and neighbors grateful. But it’s tricky when you know the recipient has a special diet. Fortunately, dairy-free, vegan, and even allergy-friendly chocolatiers are emerging. And I’ve gathered what we believe are the best dairy-free chocolate gifts for the holidays. The following sweet surprises won our top marks for fun and festive, sensationally smooth and creamy, or downright indulgent.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the HolidaysPictured: Divine Treasures Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts (details below)

25 Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

Each one of these decadent treats has gift-worthy appeal, but there is no rule on who they should be gifted to. You can share them with family, a dairy-free friend, or anyone who should know just how delicious dairy-free and vegan can be. But don’t forget to gift some to yourself – you deserve something special this holiday season too!

Please note that these products were dairy-free by ingredients at the time of our review. Many of these brands have allergy-friendly practices, but ingredients and processes may vary and are subject to change. Potential cross-contamination of an allergen is possible in any environment.  Always contact the company directly to confirm a product’s safety where severe food allergies or other food issues are a concern. 

Also, this post does include Amazon Affiliate links where appropriate. I hope that these help you to find what you are looking for! Any income from these links helps us to maintain Go Dairy Free. So we appreciate your support.

Cococlectic Bean-to-Bar Subscription

Who knew there were enough vegan, fair-trade, ethically sourced, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free chocolates to make a whole subscription club? Yes, it’s all dairy-free chocolate, and each box comes with detailed information on each bar (ingredients, source, etc) along with a chocolate tasting sheet for notes. You can buy them a month, 3 months, or 6 months.

Cococlectic Bean-to-Bar Dairy-Free Chocolate Club - Best Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

Vosges Vegan Truffle Collection

This gourmet chocolatier makes two collections of truffles without dairy, both are enriched with olive oil, and they aren’t too sweet. They’re all grown up and enhanced with either superfoods or fruits.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts - Vosges Vegan Truffle Collections

Hu Holiday Collection

This sweet, salty, and simple chocolate bar gift is made with house-ground cacao and sweetened with coconut sugar. It’s dairy-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly! They have larger bundles available, too.

Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts

Lake Champlain Vegan Gift Collection

They actually have a few non-dairy gift sets this year that we’re coveting. First, their Vegan Chocolate Gift Box is the impressive new sight below. Next, their Sweet Vegan Chocolate Bar Library has tempted us year after year. And finally, I must mention their Hot Chocolate Gift Set with Handmade Marshmallows. Each hot chocolate variety is vegan, and the vanilla marshmallows are also made without dairy (they aren’t vegan due to gelatin).

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays - pictured: Lake Champlain Vegan Gift Box

Wood Nook Fudge

At last – a dairy-free fudge company! They launched with four chocolaty varieties, but are continuously working on new formulas. For a special treat, it’s a fair price, and they ship throughout he U.S. (all 50 states). Everything is vegan, and they use a simple base of dairy-free chocolate and cream of coconut.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts - Wood Nook Fudge

Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bars

They don’t have a gift collection this year, but this dairy-free, raw, vegan company makes gift-worthy bars that you can bundle yourself. We’re eyeing their White Chocolate Cider Donut Bar this season, but the “Everything Will Be Okay” Bar seems quite timely, too!

Dairy-Free Chocolate gifts

A Piece of Chocolate Truffles

Vegan truffles is what they do. These creamy coconut milk-based confections are spiked with assorted flavors and rolled in pure goodness. And did I mention – they are also gluten-free and soy-free.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Vegan Truffles from A Piece of Chocolate

Nadamoo Chocolate Lovers Vegan Ice Cream Pack

Yes, you can send the gift of ice cream! Nadamoo has created a special chocolate gift set that contains organic chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, organic mint chip, rockiest road, and cookie dough fudge.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays. Pictured: Nadamoo Chocolate Lovers Vegan Ice Cream

Amore di Mona Low-Glycemic Collections

Elegant Amore di Mona is known for gift-worthy chocolates that are labeled as allergy-friendly (free of dairy, gluten, soy, peanuts and tree nuts), vegan, and diabetic-friendly. I don’t follow a sugar-restricted diet, but have to admit, their low-glycemic chocolates are delicious! Everything they make is gift-worthy, including their Chocolate & Caramela Holiday Bar Box and their Connoisseur Collection of boxed chocolates.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

Fames Chocolate Gift Sets

Honestly, I couldn’t decide what picture to show. Would it be the 3 Artisan Crafted Boxes with 47 Chocolates, the Chocolate Butter Log, or the Fames Seventh Heaven Assortment (which I finally settled on). There was just so much to choose from this dairy-free chocolatier.

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Fames Chocolate

Moo Free Basically British Reindeer Bag

Moo Free is an allergy-friendly chocolate company in Europe, and Basically British has packaged a wonderful assortment into adorable reindeer bags. It’s a kid-friendly gift that I bet adults would love too.

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Fames Chocolate

Amanda’s Own Gold Christmas Box

This is one of our favorite allergy-friendly little chocolate companies. I believe they’ve been around for about a decade, making kid-friendly sweets that adults love too. This year they have a big assortment of dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free chocolate figures, plus nice gift boxes of peppermint bark and various nut-free clusters. But my favorite is this half-pound box of five pretty semi-sweet chocolate bars. They’re affordably priced so you can buy a bundle for friends.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

Popinsanity Gourmet Popcorn Tins

Did you know that “Oprah’s Favorite Popcorn Tin” is dairy free? All Popsanity products are certified kosher OU pareve, and they include flavors like Cookies & Cream and Caramel Chocolate Drizzle. You can order the cute Gift Tin shown below, or go all out with their 1 Gallon, 2 Gallon, or 6.5 Gallon tins.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

Coracao Build Your Own Box

You can now hand pick a box of chocolates for that dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, low-glycemic, vegan, and paleo person on your list. The options range from 8-piece to 20-piece boxes, and the flavors include almond butter cups, after dark truffles, mulberry cacao nib hearts, and much more.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread Collection

Forget Nutella. This Belgian chocolate spread is dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan, and comes in four flavors, including Sea Salt Caramel.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays.

Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Gift Box

Oh Barnett’s, where have you been all of my adult life? This kosher certified company is non-dairy, and they make the most enticing boxes of dunkable biscotti. Every crunchy bite and sweet drizzle is dairy-free, but the company does use wheat, eggs, nuts, and soy (lecithin).

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

Fine & Raw Chocolate Gift Set

The “All Day I Dream of Chocolate” Gift Set from Fine & Raw Chocolate is over the top. It’s filled with vegan truffles, chocolate bars, “chunkies,” and even their own Nutella copycat. Everything they make is dairy-free, plant-based, organic, and sweetened with coconut sugar.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays. Pictured: Find & Raw I Dream of Chocolate Gift Set

Divine Treasures Vegan Chocolate Boxes

Yes, this is the chocolatier that makes the beautiful box pictured above. They’re a vegan and gluten-free company with a huge assortment of caramels, barks, and chocolate to suit almost any gifting situation.

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays!

iChoc Vegan Milk Chocolate in Basically British Sack

ichoc is a German vegan chocolatier that makes some seriously scrumptious white and “milk” chocolates. You can buy their delights throughout Europe, and in the US, you can order this Basically British Gift Sack with a tasty assortment.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

No Whey Chocolate Assorted Holiday Gifts

No one does dairy-free chocolate gifts like No Whey Chocolate. They maintain a top allergen-free facility, and churn out semi-sweet, “milk,” and white chocolate creations for every holiday and special occasion. And the selection changes every year. The founder and head chocolatier, Yochy, simply loves creating new products. And this year, he’s added fudge to the mix! (For more info, see our full review here.)

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays. Pictured: No Whey Holiday Chocolates

Ethereal Confections Truffles & Meltaways

This lovely shop touts completely dairy-free and gluten-free, handmade chocolate gifts, and they are indeed heavenly! From decadent truffles and meltaways to nut butter-y nom noms this one-stop confection shop is a dairy-free chocoholic’s dream. We like their special gift box for the holidays, but they usually have seasonal foil-wrapped chocolates too. (For more info, see our full review here)

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Ethereal Confections

Raaka Chocolate Library Gift Box

For fair trade fans, Raaka goes above and beyond with transparency. Their chocolate is also certified organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free, and this gift box includes a unique assortment of bars. They include Oat Milk, Bourbon Cask Aged, Green Tea Crunch, Bananas Foster, and more. If that’s not a giftable collection of chocolate bars, then I don’t know what is! For a more modest option, they also have a fun Mini Dose box filled with mini chocolate bars.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays. Pictured: Raaka Chocolate Library

Sweet Pete’s Vegan Gift Basket Supreme

If you simply love the joy of giving gifts baskets overflowing with goodies, then Sweet Pete’s is the candy company to turn to. This year, they’re offering a big vegan gift basket with assorted treats. They also have a big vegan chocolates box, and their vegan “Hey Sugar” collection.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

The Pretzel Plate Chocolate-Covered Boxes

Finding dairy-free chocolate is getting easier, but I was overjoyed when I discovered this dairy-free chocolate-covered pretzel maker. Their beautiful boxes include an assortment of designs and flavors, including white chocolate and peanut butter chocolate coatings.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

Rescue Chocolate Bar Gift Collections

Rescue Chocolate offers vegan truffle bar gifts that keep on giving. Their cute, delicious, organic, handcrafted, dairy-free chocolate will endear you to your recipient, and 100% of the profits from your purchase will be donated to animal rescue organizations. (For more info, see our full review here.)

Top 12 Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays (Rescue Chocolate Bar Gift Pack pictured)

Miami Beach Vegan Truffle Boxes

Although they make dairy milk chocolates aplenty (in the same facility), this chocolatier also has vegan dark chocolate truffle boxes filled with a tasty assortment. You can order some of their vegan gift boxes on Amazon.

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays!

Lagusta’s Luscious Caramel Collection

Every year, Lagusta fixates on creative new ways to enjoy classic confections. And everything she makes is vegan. She’s always been known for truffles, last year she dabbled in fudge, and this year, she’s going all out with caramels. They’re liberally featured in several of her holiday options, including the massive Caramel Collection. But peruse the whole site before you purchase. You might feel the need to throw some other unique items into your cart, like Tahini Meltaways, Yuzu Cashew Creams, or her famous Shivas. (For more info, see our full review here.)

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays. Pictured: Lagusta's Luscious Caramel Collection

Chocolate Inspirations Peanut Butter Pillows Gift Box

If you’re looking for vegan inspirations, then this chocolatier has you covered. They make traditional milk chocolate items, but have a full line of vegan treats that are Alicia Silverstone-approved. For that extra something special, I recommend their holiday package of these chocolaty peanut butter pillows. You can order them in 1/2 pound, 1 pound, or 2 pound boxes.

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

Sjaak’s Melk Chocolate Boxes

Sjaak’s is a chocolatier that has been around for quite some time, but they went fully vegan about a decade ago. Like No Whey Chocolate, they love the holidays, and always have a huge assortment of festive chocolates and boxes. They even make filled treats like Nog Bites and Melk Chocolate truffle boxes.  (For more info, see our full review here.)

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays. Pictured: Sjaaks

Taza Chocolate Mexicano Sampler

Taza is one of my all time favorite chocolate companies. They set themselves apart with earthy, stone-ground chocolate that’s dairy-free, soy-free, certified gluten-free, organic, and direct trade. They make a huge array of chocolate bars, but for gifting, my top choice is their Chocolate Mexicano Sampler. (For more info, see our full review here.)

The Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays

AvenueSweets Dairy-Free Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels

Not long ago, AvenueSweets added dairy-free caramels to their portfolio (they produce milk-based caramels too). For gifts, you can order 1.5 Pound or 2 Pound boxes, with your choice of packaging. For a unique chocolate hit, I recommend the Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels, but you can also do an assortment with their other dairy-free caramels.

Top Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays! Pictured: Fames Chocolate

Bonus: Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts in Europe

Moo Free is a completely organic, dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free chocolatier offering advent calendars and chocolate santas. They can be hard to find in North America, but the brand is readily available in the U.K. and several other European countries.

Plamil Dairy Free is a division of another U.K. company. They produce organic, fair trade chocolates including some a full white chocolate range. Around the holidays they have hampers available.

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  1. I thank you for the post ? Sadly I had a terrible experience with Ichoc the deutch brand… They say they are milk free but that is not true. I’m breastfeeding and my baby has dairy allergy so I can’t eat nothing with dairy. When I found Ichoc I was so happy I told my husband to get me a lot of chocos from their website… But when they arrived I was so happy but like I do with everything I checked their labels and there it was… “May countain milk … ” I was devastated…. ???

    • Hi Laura, there is a big difference between labels that say “contains dairy” and ones that say “may contain dairy” (or similar wording). “May contain” typically means possible traces from the manufacturing process, but not that there are any dairy ingredients. All of these products are dairy-free by ingredients. It’s also a voluntary label. Which means that brands without a “may contain” for milk, might have a less, equal, or higher risk of cross-contamination in production. The only way to know if a product is “safe” for your needs is to contact the manufacturer. You can ask them about their cleaning protocols between batches and if they do any allergen testing. They can likely tell you if the “may contain” label is due to a high level of cross-contamination risk or trace risk. In the case of iChoc, they use the term “possible traces” on their website. Trace usually means in the parts per million (very minute). This can still be a problem for those who react to even trace amounts. Again, if trace cross-contamination with any allergen is a concern for you, always contact the manufacturer to discuss their protocols. There is always some degree of risk for cross-contamination in the manufacturing process, but to what degree is safe is something only the individual can assess.

  2. I recently found out I have a dairy and egg allergy. It has been hard finding options for myself to still satisfy my love of chocolate! Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad I found this page.

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    Anyway, take a look.

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