Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts (2nd Edition)


Last year, I was compelled to do a round-up of our favorite dairy-free chocolate gifts. That list still holds true as a delicious round-up of dairy-free chocolate, but this year has brought even more goodies our way. So I’ve created a second collection of Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts for 2014-2015 (descriptions below).

Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts (2014-2015) - Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free and Healthy Delights for Chocoholics

Starting at top left from the collage above…

Amore di Mona Connoisseur Collection ~ This chocolatier isn’t a newcomer on our collection of best dairy-free chocolate gifts, but their amazing box of low-glycemic, vegan, and top allergen-free chocolate and caramelas is. This GORGEOUS gift is not only filled with creamy, delicious chocolates, it’s also suitable for just about every diet and each indulgent piece contains just about 25 calories and 1 gram of sugars – unreal!

  • Special Diet Notes: Amore di Mona boasts their chocolate as vegan, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, and top allergen-free (including no nuts and no soy).
  • To Purchase: Amazon

CaCoCo Superfood Drinking Chocolate ~ This rich, “sipping” chocolate as I call it requires only the addition of water for a decadent delight. Though it’s on the healthy and virtuous side, it’s perfectly sweet and an incredible hot chocolate to gift to chocoholics. Available in Original (still my favorite), Global Warrior (amazing and intriguing), and Essential Midnight (dark and pure).

Hail Merry Chocolate Miracle Tarts ~ Though I love all of their extremely dense tarts, Hail Merry makes a full selection of fudgy options (complete with cacao crust) specifically for chocolate purists. My favorite is the Chocolate Mint, but the Pure Chocolate and Chocolate Almond Butter are still on my “love” list.

  • Special Diet Notes: Hail Merry Miracle Tarts are labeled as vegan, gluten-free and made with raw oils, but they are also made without soy.
  • My Full Review: Hail Merry Miracle Tarts
  • To Purchase: Amazon or with free overnight shipping on the Hail Merry Website

Pascha Organic Chocolate Bars ~ This is another repeat on our best dairy-free chocolate gifts line-up, but this year they have some new flavors to add to the options. All are fair trade, organic, certified gluten-free, certified vegan, and made in a top allergen-free facility, but they are also packaged in beautiful, gift-worthy boxes – a different color for each variety. New flavors include Lucuma, Maca and Arabica Coffee.

Endangered Species Creme-Filled Dark Chocolate Bars ~ This company isn’t dedicated to dairy-free chocolate – they do have milky varieties so use extra caution if cross-contamination is a concern for you – but all of these truflle-like bars are indeed vegan and gluten-free. I just picked up a few for my Grandma’s stocking – to help me decide between the flavors, I just picked which animals she would think were the cutest! 10% of net profits are donated to wildlife foundations and humanitarian efforts.

Dear Coco Chocolates ~ I couldn’t resist showing that amazing truffle picture in the collage above, but Dear Coco has a new unique gift this year (pictured below): Chocolate Artisan Salted Tiles. Salted chocolate lovers will lose themselves in the exotic and unique contrasting flavors, like White Sicilian Trapani Sea Salt and Red Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt. I know I did.

No Cow Chocolate Bars ~ This is what I call a “fun” brand. No Cow makes sweeter, gentler chocolate that is kid-friendly and perfect for those sugar craving days. Their bars and cute shapes make great stocking stuffers, have a milky vibe, and come in tasty flavors – like strawberry, orange, mint, and spiced pear.

Charm School Chocolate Bars ~ While we’re on the topic of sweeter chocolate bars, Charm School Chocolates hits on another dairy-free craving: white chocolate. Their pretty, proper packaging makes for an attractive gift – simply stack and tie a ribbon around it – especially if you layer with their different white, milk, and dark chocolate flavors.

Rawmio Organic Chocolate Truffle Cake ~ Shaped like a giant peanut butter cup, this is a decadent, raw, coconut fudge thickly layered atop a pure dark chocolate. Chocolate on chocolate with a healthy, raw food angle. The packaging is attractive and giftable, and the price is also quite appealing – what’s not to love? While you’re at it, their Chocolate Spread is pretty amazing, too!

  • Special Diet Notes: Rawmio makes raw, vegan, and gluten-free goodies that happen to be soy-free, too.
  • My Full Review: Rawmio Truffle Cake and Spreads
  • To Purchase: Amazon

Premium Chocolatiers Chocolate Candies ~ Squash those candy bar cravings with Peanot Cups (my niece’s favorite), No Whey Bars, and No No’s (a few different flavors with an M&M, candy-coated vibe). I’ve only tried the cups to date, but imagine the others are a sweet delight.

Videri Dark Chocolate Bars ~ This is another chocolate company that makes milk-containing varieties, too, so it’s best to gift them to those without severe intolerances or allergies. That said, these chocolate bars, two per box, are what I would call a wonderful hostess gift. They have a sophisticated appeal and dark varieties that are a tasting pleasure for chocolate connoisseurs.

Tisano Chocolate Tea ~ For those fans of both chocolate and tea (hand raising high!), cacao comes in a drinkable, “just add hot water” form for a pure antioxidant infusion. I liked it with just a touch of stevia or honey added. I’ve only tried the Original, but they offer a host of other enticing flavors in pretty tins.

  • Special Diet Notes: The only ingredient in the Original is Cacao Shells. The flavors have added herbs, spices, and teas, but that appears to be it!
  • My Full Review: Tisano Cacao Tea
  • To Purchase: Amazon

Best Dairy-Free Chocolate Gifts - Dear Coco Salted Chocolate Tiles

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