Introducing New Members to the Dairy-Free Chocolate Bunny Family


Whey-Out Chocolate Easter BunniesBy Alisa Fleming – Yesterday we featured the dairy-free chocolate Easter bunny round up, including eight different brands in all shapes and sizes … all amazingly vegan (egg-free, dairy-free) and gluten-free (GFCF).  Yet even with this impressive array we seem to have overlooked two more fabulous bunny making chocolatiers.  While you may think that all chocolate bunnies are created equal, perhaps you haven’t yet seen a dairy-free white chocolate bunny …  or what about a vegan "milk" chocolate bunny?  Curious?  Read on …

Whey-Out Chocolate Easter Bunnies
I am truly embarrassed for having missed the fabulously enticing chocolates from the newest chocolatier to the dairy-free scene, Whey-Out Chocolate.  Meeting all challenges, Whey-Out touts their treats as “allergen-free” with no nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, or … soy!  That’s right, not even soy lecithin.  Plus … this is the real kicker … their little herbivores come in solid white, dark, or “milkless” chocolate. Incredible.
For: Dairy-free, Soy-Free, Vegan, and Multiple Food Allergies
Rose City Vegan Easter Chocolate Bunnies
Bringing that bunny count up to an even ten, the sophisticated Rose City Chocolatiers show us their casual side with an animated chocolate bunny.  Labeled as “Funny Bunny” it was hard not to be amused after looking at so many emotionless bunnies.  Like Indulge in Chocolate, Rose City boasts an Easter chocolate duck alongside their bunny collection.  However, Rose City takes it one step further with the vegan chocolate Easter chicken!  I admit I was lost at the duck, so the chicken really threw me for a loop.  Rose City vegan chocolates are made with imported Belgian dark chocolate.
For: Dairy-Free*, Vegan

Just in case you missed our first chocolate Easter bunny report, read on for the other eight bunny brands …

All of the above bunnies are made without gluten or wheat, according to their ingredient lists, and thus should be excellent for GFCF diets even where not specifically noted.  But, you should always double check with the manufacturer wherever there might be concern.

* This manufacturer may process milk chocolate in the same facility.  If severe food allergies or milk cross-contamination may be a concern, always contact the manufacturer before consuming to verify ingredients and manufacturing processes.

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