Dream Kream Vegan Ice Cream (DISCONTINUED)


Dream Kream is no longer in business. For other options that are currently available, see our Dairy-Free Ice Cream Reviews.

Dream Kream vegan ice cream recently came onto my radar. Though we don’t typically eat soy-based foods here at home, I knew I had to give it a trial for Go Dairy Free. Plus, it’s ice cream. My rubber arm is easily twisted for ice cream!

Dream Kream comes in five flavors, all of which have what I would consider a perfect ice cream texture. Many vegan ice cream pints are very hard-packed. When serving, I pull off chips and chunks rather than gliding through for smooth scoops. But, with just a minute on the counter, my ice cream scoop simply melted into Dream Kream. It was equally smooth and rich as I enjoyed it by the spoonful.

Even though Dream Kream has a good, creamy texture, the soy-base keeps it relatively low in fat (around 7 grams per serving). Because of this, I found it to be rather light on the tummy and almost a bit refreshing.

As for the five flavors, here are my thoughts …

Vanilla – This was my favorite. Little specks of vanilla bean gave it that authentic look and a pure vanilla taste. Vanilla is almost always my flavor of choice, and I was pleased with this variety.

Dream Kream Non-Dairy Vegan Ice Cream - Vanilla

Butter Pecan – This one has a very pleasant flavor with delightful butterscotch undertones. Though it was the second best flavor, in my opinion, I would have liked a little more depth of flavor. I like Butter Pecan desserts to smack me in the face with indulgence, but this one was very light. Nice, but I wanted it to be a little naughty, too.

Mint Chip – This one could be my second choice, depending on my mood. It has a very bright fresh mint flavor, and just the right amount of mini chips distributed throughout. Ideal for an after-dinner treat or a mid-day refresher.

Chocolate – Wow, holy intensity! This isn’t your typical pint of chocolate ice cream. If you like your chocolate very dark, as in one step away from raw cacao beans, then this one is for you. I’m actually a fair-weather chocolate fan, so this was a little too strong for my taste buds.

Coffee – Another wowsers! If you are expecting a latte or mocha-like dessert, think again. Dream Kream formulated this one to be straight up like a cup of coffee, with a couple packets of organic sugar. To be fair, I don’t like coffee, at all. I’m not a fair judge on this flavor; it was way too intense for me. However, pure coffee fans may find a new favorite in this one.

Dream Kream Non-Dairy Vegan Ice Cream - Coffee

As someone who likes to go light on the added sugars, I hate to admit it, but the one gripe I have with Dream Kream is that they could be sweeter. As mentioned, I liked it, but a little more depth and indulgence in the flavor might escalate the Vanilla, Butter Pecan, and Mint Chip Dream Kream ice creams into my top picks category. However, if you are in the mood for just a little sweet along with some creamy indulgence, then Dream Kream hits the spot. On a day when I had been out, active in the sun, this was the perfect treat to come home to.

According to the company, Dream Kream is Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Certified 100% Vegan, and Certified Kosher-Parve.

Dream Kream Non-Dairy Vegan Ice Cream

Below is a sample of the ingredients for the Vanilla, but keep in mind that ingredients and processes can change! I’m just reprinting this to give you an idea, but ALWAYS read the label! …

Ingredients for the Vanilla: Soy Mix (Water, Organic Sugar, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Soy Protein Concentrate, Maltodextrin) Stabilizer (Carrageenan, Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Soy Lecithin), Pure Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Seeds. Contains Soy, Processed in a Plant Where Other Allergens Are Present.

If you want to try Dream Kream, but can’t find it in your local area, it is available online (for shipping throughout the U.S.) via Ice Cream Source.

For more information on Dream Kream, visit Soul Vegetarian’s website at www.dreamkream.com.

Have you tried Dream Kream? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Cheryl Ziervogel on

    There is an awareness of Soy products and its excesses in the endocrine system. Your product has Soy in it? This does raise a concern…

  2. OMG I tried a Sample of DreamKream at the Whole Foods on Ponce a few weeks ago and I fell in love. I had to give up dairy a few years ago but I have always loved ice cream. The thing about DreamKream is.. you cant tell that its non dairy!

    By the way I had a sample if butter pecan… and ended up purchasing a pint of it along with a pint of Chocolate 🙂

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