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Thanks to Go Dairy Free viewer JC for emailing this recommendation!

This is a nut-free bakery that offers an assortment of cakes and cupcakes, and even vegan coconut-milk based ice creams! They also offer gluten-free and sugar-free (sweetened with xylitol) cakes.

Thimble Cakes is known as an eco-friendly bakery. They purchase local and organic as much as possible, compost, recycle and use environmentally friendly papers and cleaning products.

Jessica from Thimble Cakes emailed us the following information about their bakery:

"All of our cupcakes and cakes are dairy- and egg-free, it's only the icings that may or may not have dairy in them. We often do a cream cheese icing, which is, of course, dairy, and once in a blue moon you might find a traditional buttercream icing on a selection of our cupcakes – these are always marked as "Buttercream such-and-such". But, on any given day, I'd say that anywhere between 50 and 90 per cent of our cupcakes are iced with our version of a buttercream icing – it is made with shortening, Earth Balance, icing sugar, and coconut milk (and cocoa if it is chocolate icing), and is therefore dairy-free.

Our Gluten-Free cupcakes are always dairy-free, because we find that gluten and dairy allergies often go hand-in-hand, and at least one flavour is always available in store.

Customers are always welcome to come in or give us a call (613-695-0109) with any questions that they may have. In-store, you can tell the difference between dairy and non-dairy selections by looking for the "V" or "D" beside the written flavours of the cupcakes or ice creams. "V" stands for "vegan" and "D" stands for "dairy". We also accept orders for cakes and cupcakes. We ask for 3 days notice for cupcakes, and at least a week for cakes.

Our entire store is nut- and egg-free also!" 

Location: 369 Bank St., Ottawa, ON

Phone: 613-695-0109

Website: www.thimblecakes.ca

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