Oreo Celebrates 110th Birthday with All of these Dairy-Free Cookie Flavors


Oreo Cookies just turned 110, and they haven’t aged a bit. In fact, they’ve been surprising dairy-free consumers for years with fresh new flavors. Yes, these beloved chocolate sandwich crème cookies have been made without dairy for as long as I can remember. According to PETA, Oreo cookies are even an “accidentally vegan” treat. And the milkless options go well beyond the Original flavor! See the guide below to discover all of the dairy-free Oreo cookies available for dunking in your favorite milk beverage.

Dairy-Free Oreo Cookies Guide and news on Gluten-Free OreosPhotos from Nabisco

Yes, Oreos are Dairy-Free, and They Make Gluten-Free Too

Nabisco has announced the launch of certified gluten-free Oreo Cookies in not one, but two varieties. These wheat-less sandwich cookies will ironically hit shelves in Gluten-Free Original and Gluten-Free Double Stuf flavors in January. They won’t be here for cookie season, but are landing just in time to shatter countless New Year’s resolutions.

Oreo is unwilling to share the ingredients just yet, but a previewer stated they are milk-free, and there are hints that the gluten-free cookies will also be vegan-friendly. We’ll update the dairy-free list below once the ingredients are available.

Dairy-Free Oreo Cookies Guide and news on Gluten-Free Oreos

Which Oreo Cookies are Dairy-Free by Ingredients? All of These!

This list includes all varieties that are dairy-free by ingredients, which we can currently find information and availability for. Limited edition flavors often cycle with the seasons, so we’ll keep adding them as they pop up. Online you might see some other unique flavors sold for a premium. Oreo cookies are produced in various versions around the world. But keep in mind that some foreign versions aren’t quite the same as these American classics.

Dairy-Free Flavors of Oreos

Bonus Dairy-Free Oreo Items

Dairy-Free Oreo Cookies Guide and news on Gluten-Free Oreos

These Oreos Contain Milk

There might be more – Oreo has hundreds of product variations. But these are the ones we’ve found to date that contain dairy.

  • Fudge Covered
  • Mint Fudge Covered
  • White Fudge Covered
  • Thin Bites Fudge Dipped
  • Thin Bites White Fudge Dipped

Why are Oreo Cookies Certified Kosher Dairy?

Oreos are made in a shared facility where both their non-dairy and dairy varieties are handled. For that reason, the kosher certifier requires a dairy certification, even on the flavors without dairy. You can read more about this topic in our Kosher Labeling Guide for Dairy-Free Consumers.

An outdated article on a kosher website (from 2013) states that only the original Oreo flavors are made without dairy, but this is no longer true. Most flavors of Oreo cookies are now made without dairy. But like all products, they carry some degree of risk for cross-contamination.

If you are concerned about potential cross contamination with milk, contact the company to learn more about their processes before purchasing and consuming. Only you can decide if a food is safe for your needs.

Are Other Sandwich Creme Cookies Dairy Free?

Oreo isn’t the only game in town. There are many brands of sandwich creme cookies that just happen to be dairy-free by ingredients. In fact, most are. Look for Newman O’s, Back to Nature, and select Lotus Biscoff varieties for wheat-based options. For gluten-free, try Kinnikinnick or Mi-Del. And many store brand sandwich creme cookies are dairy-free – just check the labels!

Dairy-Free Recipes using Oreo Cookies!

Enjoy all of the following goodies with your favorite sandwich creme cookies.

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  1. freddy chang on

    oreos arent dairy free. there is some serious cross contamination with milk when they make the cookies in their factory.

    please dont spread misinformation when people with actual lactose allergies can get sick from this

    • Please read the entire post. We thoroughly address this. In terms of the risk of cross-contamination, every product is at some degree of risk. This is why you must contact the company to discuss their protocols before consumption. Oreos are consumed daily by many people who have severe milk allergies, without incident. But only you can determine what is safe for your needs. At our last time of review, Nabisco did practice GMP with allergen protocols. But you must contact them yourself to assess with any product if you are concerned about potential cross contamination.

    • I believe the source you’re getting this information from is the UK oreo site. The situation is very different in the UK vs US, with European cookies not being manufactured kosher, for instance, but US ones are. Consequently, US cookies are Halal acceptable while UK ones may not be. Similarly, the cross contamination issue is different in the US because the manufacturing is structured differently.

  2. Oh my goodness! You have made my day! I have to be gluten free also, so this is a win-win. I will wait breathlessly until January, when I won’t be able to find them where I live anyway. Which might be a good thing. 🙂

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