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The makers of Matisse & Jack's mixes have been busy at work, improving their products, changing their image, and adding a couple more selections to their line-up.  In honor of this product "face-lift," Matisse & Jack's is offering 20% off your entire order for two weeks.  Plus, they are having a recipe contest!  Read on for mor details on the discount, contest, and their new vegan products….

"We are thrilled to introduce Matisse & Jack's NEW PRODUCTS. We also have a new look and feel, changes to our old mixes, and exciting offers for you."

Matisse & Jack'sOne of the new offerings is dairy-free: 

M&J's Granola Bites are made with organic rolled oats, raisins and just a touch of coconut — a wholesome way to enjoy a FRESH and homemade granola product! In addition to the top quality ingredients, this item only has 5g of sugar in the mix (~7g prepared) and is a good source of calcium. The mix can be made in a variety of different ways, depending on the type of granola you like.

Introductory Promotions – 20% off coupon, recipe contest, and more…
  1. We would like to offer you 20% off your order. Enter coupon code THANKYOU8 on our order page. This coupon is good for two weeks. We always offer free shipping with 6 boxes.
  2. Since Matisse & Jack's products are all about sharing, if you email us ( a photo of yourself sharing M&J's with friends, family, co-workers, we will send you a free box of your choice with your next order.* Just make sure that a box of Matisse & Jack's is in the photo! (*valid for orders of 3 boxes or more).
  3. Recipe Contest! Please send us your most creative, fun, and delicious recipe variations using Matisse & Jack's. We will choose our favorite and the first prize winner will receive $100! Get your entries in before December 1st.
Delicious Improvements

We've also made some improvements to our Bake-at-Home Oatmeal Energy bars. For starters, they are now called "Power Snacks". Our Bake-at-Home Power Snacks continue to provide a wholesome balance of proteins, good fats, and whole grains and we have made some basic changes described below. Let us know what you think!

  1. First, for the Cranberry, we decided to remove the walnuts. This way, people with allergies can also enjoy the bars. We also would rather give our customers the option of adding 1/3 cup of fresh walnuts (or any nuts for that matter) if they like. Making this change slightly reduces omega-3s and protein (about 1g less), but as we mentioned you can customize with nuts and add that back in. To compensate, we have added even more anti-oxidant rich cranberries.
  2. In both Cranberry and Chocolate Chip, we have improved the glycemic response by replacing some of the evaporated cane juice (sugar) with natural fructose (same sugars occurring in fruit), and rice syrup solids. So even though the actual grams are comparable, fructose and rice syrup solids are known to have a lower glycemic response than sugar.
  3. We also replaced some of the Soy Protein Isolate with whole ground soy nuts. This is more of a "whole food" than the isolate (which is more processed). This caused a 1g reduction in protein – but at Matisse & Jack's we believe in whole food nutrition and felt this was a good choice. However, we do include a recipe variation on the side of the box that will show you how to easily add extra protein if that is what you are looking for in the bars. That's the great thing about a bake-at-home snack!
  4. Finally, we have simplified the recipe on the back of the box to include just applesauce and a few tbsp oil. However, for those of you who like making your bars with the original 1/2c vanilla [soy]yogurt + 2/3c applesauce, you can still do this with excellent results!

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