Gluten-Free Essentials Seasoned Breading & Batter Mix (DISCONTINUED)


When I first saw the wee little crumbs in this breading mix, I was unimpressed.  How were these things going to create a coating?  Even in my skepticism, I prepared a pound of chicken tenders, dipped them in egg, and coated them with breading (plastic bag method).  My husband pan-fried them up in a very shallow amount of oil, and to my pleasant surprise, they were really quite tasty. 


While the coating was thin, it crisped up nicely and had a good overall flavor.  Of course, the secret ingredient of “spices” gave me no clue as to the flavorings used, but they did have that good restaurant chicken strips taste. 

Actually, the overall coating, reminded me of my mom’s chicken as a kid.  Particularly since we used good quality chicken tenders.  Realistically, there was no gluten-free difference.  Both my husband and I loved them!

My Extra Notes & Tips:

  • We used this mix as a “dry” coating, but it does include instructions for making a wet batter.  A batter will likely produce a thicker crispy coating if you are intending to deep fry.
  • This is a good all-purpose coating that could easily be sprinkled atop a casserole prior to baking or used to coat vegetables for some added excitement.
  • There really is A LOT of breading mix in this bag.  I can see this lasting us for several meals.

BreadingOur Simple Chicken Strip Recipe:

1 lb all natural chicken tenders
1 egg
½ cup Gluten-Free Essentials Seasoned Breading & Batter Mix
Oil for frying

Rinse and pat the chicken strips dry.  Put the breading mix into a ziplock baggie.  Whisk the egg in a small bowl.  One at a time, dredge the chicken tenders in the egg and then drop into the baggie and shake to coat.  Add more breading mix to the baggie if needed.  Once all of the strips have been coated.  Heat a shallow pool of oil over medium-high heat.  Fry the chicken tenders until done, flipping as needed.  You may wish to cover the pan with a lid during part of the cooking time to help the chicken steam through.

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