Little Bay Baking Corn Bread Mix (DISCONTINUED)


Mexican Cornbread – A Perfect Fit

It was my father's birthday on Saturday. Don't ask how old he is because I'm sure he doesn't like to say it out loud, but I suppose you can say he is over 50! We planned to have a simple family dinner, but in my house it usually ends up being a fiasco. Or disastrous. Or both!

My mother wanted Mexican food so we had a huge layout of Mexican chicken, beef, tomato, lettuce, sour cream, refried beans, cheeses, chips and salsa, and of course, corn tortillas. I was thrilled with the amount of research done here- because with the exception of the two obvious things sour cream and cheese, nothing contained dairy or gluten. It was perfect! But it was missing something… cornbread!

Mexican Food Spread


I had to try a new baking mix- Little Bay Baking company had sent over a box packed with goodies and I was dying to try it. I pulled out the cornbread mix and set to work. Easy prep here- rice milk (I used vanilla rice milk- hoping it wouldn't affect the taste much!), eggs, and oil. I added 1/3 cup of sugar to make it a little on the sweet side. I mixed it up and was surprised at the texture of it. It was really just like "regular" cornbread. I (of course- I never cook something unless I try the batter!) tasted the batter. Awesome! This was going to be better cornbread than what I make from scratch. After all this time of baking and I am just going to have to dedicate my life to baking mixes. Ha!

Little Bay Baking Corn Bread


When the cornbread was done I cut it up into small pieces so everyone would get a chance to try it. Then I harassed everyone to try the cornbread. Everyone had the same opinion. AMAZING! This was great cornbread! The texture was just right, not crumbly and not "sticky" either. The little extra sugar and vanilla rice milk went a long way. My grandmother raved over the hint of vanilla in the bread. In fact, Little Bay Baking; if you are reading this, she wants more mix to make her own! The whole basket of bread was gone by the time dinner was over, gobbled up by the eight people we had present.

In short, this is a great cornbread. I will definitely be visiting this mix again. It made a perfect addition to our fabulous birthday Mexican feast.

This is a third party review by Go Dairy Free reviewer Amy B.  Little Bay Baking products are popping up in natural food stores, but you can also purchase directly from them online.  To find a store near you or to order, visit the Little Bay Baking website.

Note from the manufacturer of this product on soy:  Unfortunately we found out that our corn meal supplier had a “may contain a trace of soy” declaration that we received after we had already been using the corn meal in our muffin mix.  We did a voluntary recall, repackaged the product with a “contains soy” statement and sent it back out. It is the only Little Bay product that may contain soy.  Be assured that all of our products are gluten and casein free.

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