Little Bay Baking Sponge Cake and Yellow Cake Mixes (DISCONTINUED)


I had the chance to try two more mixes by Little Bay Baking and they continued to impress me with the simple yummy home baked taste they bring to the world of food allergies. I received the Yellow Cake Mix and the Sponge Cake Mix, and made both of them the same day … with the intention of eating them all at once. Typical me! What I did do, however, was make a sponge cake with strawberries for my mom and cupcakes for my office mates. I don't need the extra food in my pantry!

I started with the Yellow Cake Mix. Again, this is so simple to make and it makes a good size cake. This seems to be my only beef with some other cake mixes – you need 4 boxes to make a normal size cake! So I was excited when this one made 12 good size cupcakes and an 8×8 cake as well. The flavor was very nice and pretty rich for a vanilla cake. The texture wasn't heavy or crumbly. The cake held its shape through the pretty rigorous removal from the pan and even when I frosted it. I again made my own frosting, using Earth Balance margarine sticks and tons of confectioner's sugar. (when you eat dessert from my table, prepare to get a sugar rush!)

Little Bay Baking Cake Mix

I brought the cupcakes to work where they were devoured pretty much before lunch. I took this as a good sign. All morning long I heard, "who made the cupcakes?" When I checked back at the table at lunch, all but one was gone. Great! All afternoon I was asked how I made them. I did not tell anyone how these were my science experiment, but I did tell them it was a new baking mix that I loved.
The Sponge Cake Mix was a slightly different matter. I love angel food cake and sponge cake. The light fluffy cake that melts in your mouth, surrounded by whipped cream and strawberries. YUM! This sponge cake mix was no different, but a little bit more complicated to make (but I am a pretty wimpy cook sometimes). At first I thought it used 12 eggs, so I went out and bought 24 eggs … just in case I really messed this up. It ended up not being too big of a task, and the end result was pretty darn good.

Little Bay Baking Cake Mix

This cake was a little on the dense side compared to what the sponge cakes I am used to … but the overall flavor? It was great! Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla! I am a huge chocolate lover, but occasionally get swept up in the sweetness of vanilla cakes as well. I topped a huge slice of it with strawberries and packed it up to go for my mom. She was having a rough night, and heading to work- so I figured something delicious would cheer her up. It did the trick, she loved it. The combination of fresh strawberry sauce and sweet cake was an instant pick-me-up. And it was also my pick-me-up for a few days after that. In fact, it may have been an occasional pick-me-up snack in between meals too!

Little Bay Baking Cake Mix

I have successfully tried all of Little Bay Baking products and even with my limited baking ability, have found no fault with them! Little Bay Baking Products are available online and in retail stores. Check their website to find out if they are available in your area. As for me? They won me over, and I will most certainly be buying their more of their products.

This is a third party review by Go Dairy Free reviewer Amy B. Little Bay Baking products are popping up in natural food stores, but you can also purchase directly from them online.  To find a store near you or to order, visit the Little Bay Baking website.

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