PA, Philadelphia – Little Baby’s Ice Cream: For Next Level Non-Dairy Indulgence


It began as an ice cream-loaded tricycle riding through Philadelphia, but Little Baby’s Ice Cream now has brick and mortar shops! They’re still pedaling their mobile scoops to festivals, farmer’s markets, and more. But it’s nice that you can stop in anytime and enjoy some non-dairy favorites at fixed locations in Philly, Baltimore, and D.C.

Little Baby's Ice Cream in Philadelphia and Baltimore are slinging surprising scoops of dairy-free & vegan ice cream!

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is hand made in small batches with premium ingredients. They do use dairy in many of their flavors, but their menu is about 40% non-dairy and vegan! These varieties have a base of coconut cream and agave nectar for sweetness.

Angevine of Little Baby’s said, “Just in terms of texture and consistency and ‘realistic ice cream’, we found that coconut cream is really the best for that.”

But this isn’t your ordinary coconut ice cream, and their non-dairy flavors do not disappoint! They’re known for unique and “out there” flavor combinations like Earl Grey Sriracha, Sweet Potato Burnt Marshmallow, and Cucumber Dill. And some of their most popular non-dairy varieties are Speculoos, Vanilla Coconut Clove, Balsamic Banana, and Acai. Their scoop selection is constantly changing, but you can always count on them to clearly label non-dairy options. They also note which flavors contain gluten.

Where to Find Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Location: There are two shops in Philadelphia, a shop in Baltimore, MD, and a pop-up in Washington D.C. They also have a small fleet of mobile tricycles in the Philly area that can be booked for events. See their website below for addresses and more details.


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