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Go Dairy Free viewer Alice, sent this recommendation specifically for the Chop House location in her town of Knoxville, TN. At last check, they had several other locations in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, and Ohio – all of which hopefully offer as much special diet hospitality as Alice received in Knoxville …

I wanted to recommend the local restaurant Chop House in Knoxville, Tennessee. Not only did we go to this restaurant (a steak house – veg. options are pretty much limited to a vegetable plate) on a busy Sunday lunchtime, our server was very accommodating.

They went to great lengths to verify that the bread they bring to each table was non dairy (obv. the butter is, but I was the only one df in my table of 4). Then, the waiter thought they had a df menu, but asked and determined it was a gf menu, they go to great lengths for gluten free, an issue we did not have. They had many menu options which could be prepared non-dairy, pretty much anything without cheese (or hold the cheese), and were happy to prepare me a steak without butter even though they usually use a herb butter. (and I don’t have issues with beef). They even recreated the seasoning without using the butter, so that I still had a seasoned steak.

I also had a delectable sweet potato which was cooked well enough that it did not call out for a topping, although they usually only serve it with cinnamon butter, they offered me brown sugar, plain cinnamon, and a couple other options which I don’t recall, since I couldn’t have the butter. The only downfall was the dessert menu having no dairy-free options, but that’s a trend.

See their website for menus and locations.


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