Screamer’s Pizzeria Takes Another Vegan Slice of New


Just two years ago, Screamer’s Pizzeria opened its doors in the Greenpoint neighborhood. It was a collaboration between Champ’s Diner and Blackbird Pizza (known as High Five Food & Drink), which resulted in New York’s first all-vegan pizza restaurant. That Manhattan Avenue location has been incredibly successful, serving more than 1500 slices a day. So they are opening a second location in the Crown Heights neighborhood today!

The new Screamer’s Pizzeria on on the corner of Prospect Place and Franklin Avenue will be tossing the same crazy pizzas that fans travel from all over the world to try. They include the Sicilian style Grandma Pie, Banh Mi, Philly Cheesesteak Pizza, and more.

Screamer's Pizzeria - an all vegan New York style pizza joint in Brooklyn, NY. Photos by Romany Pope of Screamer’s.

Screamer’s Pizzeria Tosses Killer Vegan Pies in Two Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Whether you want a whole pizza or just a quick wedge, Screamer’s Pizzeria has you covered. They offer 13 signature pizzas, a weekly special, and the ability to customize your own. And these aren’t just ordinary veggie pizzas with creative names.

Screamer’s has unique creations like the Buffalo that’s piled high with tomato sauce, vegan cheese, buffalo cauliflower, almond ricotta, ranch drizzle, and chives. Another one that caught my eye was the Artichoke Pie topped with long hot pesto, dairy-free cheese, house made vegan sausage, and artichoke hearts. And the Roman with romesco sauce, eggplant, roasted garlic, and Romanesco Broccoli (pictured below).

This dairy-free and vegan haven also offers garlic knots, calzones, baked ziti, and Italian subs like “meatball” and eggplant parmesan. And you can bet that mushrooms are plentiful on their menu.

According to their kitchen manager, Brian Rowe, “Screamer’s got its name from the sizzling noise that mushrooms let out when they go down on the grill.” The creativity never stops with this vegan pizza crew.

Screamer's Pizzeria - an all vegan New York style pizza joint in Brooklyn, NY.

Great Locations Plus More Space for Dining In

Screamer’s first Pizzeria is located in the lovely Greenpoint neighborhood. It’s a fairly small place (as most are in New York) and has limited seating. It’s right next to McCarren Park, so you can grab a pie to go and head over to the park if it’s nice out.

The new Crown Heights location is a little bigger, with seating for 30 people. And it’s just a few blocks north or Prospect Park, where you might choose to enjoy your classic New York pizza experience. And both locations are open until midnight everyday for those late night pizza cravings!

Screamer's Pizzeria - an all vegan New York style pizza joint in Brooklyn, NY.

High Five Foods Seizes More Vegan Dining Opportunities

This latest restaurant opening comes on the coattails of High Five Food & Drink’s October opening of fast casual Hartbreakers in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s known for housemade seitan-based chicken sandwiches and bright, vibrant plates.

“Vegan food can be accessible to everyone. We think it should be available all over, and cater to a variety of cravings and needs,” said Aimee Kuge, High Five’s marketing manager. “Slice shops are such an institution here. We’re proud to be New York’s ultimate spot to grab a vegan slice for three years running. And we can’t wait to grow in this bigger space that welcomes even more people to chow down.”

Screamer's Pizzeria - an all vegan New York style pizza joint in Brooklyn, NY.

Where to Find Screamer’s Pizzeria

Both locations are open daily for lunch, dinner, and late night hunger. See the website below for their full menu.

Location: 620 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY and 685 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Phone: (347) 844-9412 and 718-623-6000, respectively


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