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Erin McKenna’s Bakery previously Babycakes Bakery

This vegan, allergen-friendly bakery has hit the news nationwide, even though it is just a tiny little bakery in NY.  Granted, they do ship nationwide.  Visit their website for details.

Though it seems the desserts are tasty, the growing pains at Babycakes have made for less than desirable customer service and a great deal of ingredient confusion, as reported by many.  Here are some review quotes by Allergic Girl:

First Visit:

“…Sadly, annoyingly, frustratingly Babycakes was very reluctant to tell me the ingredients of their gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free cupcakes. I had to speak to three people before I got a straight answer. This seemed unnecessary to me, especially considering this is a bakery that specializes in special cupcakes for people and babies with allergies and intolerances!

“Here’s my concern. This is a special bakery producing vegan goodies for those of us with allergies or intolerances. One would think, or rather I would think, that they would be very forthcoming with information about their vegan kitchen and the vegan products they use and make. I was expecting that the Babycakes staff would be especially understanding about a patron wanting to know exactly what she’s eating and that the staff would be both knowledgeable and compassionate. Especially after reading this from their website:

“Babycakes NYC Disclaimer: BabyCakes [sic]menu is ever expanding to create safe options for all. Although we try, we are unable to accommodate every allergy. Ultimately, it is the consumer’s responsibility to check all ingredients to ensure safe indulgence.”

Second Visit:

“… I almost hate to say it because their business practices have been entirely inconsistent, but the cake was good, really good: chocolatey, not too sweet, dense and fudgey. I’d buy a whole one and I think non-vegan, gluten-eating folks would be happy to eat it….”

“…Hmmm, so I officially like the chocolate cake. I still don’t like them, exactly, but drats, I liked the cake. Maybe I’ll try something else soon.”


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