Dairy-Free Frozen Pizza Guide to All Vegan & Cheeseless Options


Some food categories seem extremely popular, but they can be extremely challenging for brands. Dairy-free frozen pizza, for example, has been a revolving door of options. Over the years, we’ve watched Tofutti, Tofurky, Bold Organics, Whole Food’s 365, and several other dairy-free frozen pizzas come and go.

Fortunately, a few brands of vegan frozen pizza have stood the test of time, and some other companies are currently giving it a go. Below is the most current and complete list of dairy-free frozen pizza options. Look for them in the frozen pizza section of your local supermarket or natural food store.

Dairy-Free Frozen Pizza Guide to All Vegan & Cheeseless Options (Updated, Complete, and Kept Current!). Includes Vegan Frozen Pizza options, plus allergy-friendly and gluten-free choices

All of the non-dairy products mentioned below are dairy-free by ingredients. Ingredients are subject to change at any time, so always read the label! And as always, contact the manufacturer to discuss their production processes if a severe food allergy is a concern for you. There is always some degree of cross-contamination risk, and allergen labels (or lack of) should not be relied on exclusively. We cannot evaluate if a product is safe for your needs.

Dairy-Free Frozen Pizza Guide to All Vegan & Cheeseless Options

Unlike other dairy-free and vegan frozen pizza round-ups, we’ll do our best to keep this list updated. You can help. Please kindly comment if you see a new variety in the freezer section. Currently, the options below are all available in the U.S., but we welcome brands that you find in Canada, the UK, and beyond.

Each option is also linked to a product listing with more information (ingredients, availability, etc) and Amazon-style ratings and reviews!

American Flatbread Vegan Frozen Pizzas

This isn’t a vegan, vegetarian, or dairy-free company, but they have added two vegan and soy-free options to their big frozen pizza selection.


  • Farmers Tomato Pie
  • Vegan Harvest

Amy’s Vegan Frozen Pizzas

I believe Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza was the first vegan frozen pizza on the market. If not, it was darn close. That cheese-free variety is still around, but they’ve added several more vegan and gluten-free varieties to their portfolio. Now they offer all of the following, some of which are also soy-free.


  • Dairy Free Gluten Free Spinach Pizza
  • Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable
  • Gluten Free, Vegan Meatless Pepperoni
  • Vegan Margherita
  • Vegan Pesto & Roasted Artichoke
  • Roasted Vegetable
  • Vegan Supreme
  • Cheeze Pizza (Single Serve)
  • Roasted Vegetable (Single Serve)

Amy's Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Frozen Pizzas - Reviews, Ratings, Ingredients and More Info for all 3 Vegan and Gluten-Free Varieties

Daiya Frozen Pizzas

These pies aren’t just dairy-free, they’re also gluten-free, soy-free, and yes, they’re vegan-friendly. They come with a variety of toppings, and are one of the easiest dairy-free options to find in stores.


  • Cheeze Lover’s
  • Fire-Roasted Vegetable
  • Margherita
  • Meatless Meat Lover’s
  • Mushroom & Roasted Garlic
  • Pepperoni
  • Supreme

Daiya Dairy Free Pizzas Reviews and Information (7 Varieties, all Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, and Soy-Free!) We have ingredients, ratings, and more.

Pizza Oggi

This is a gluten-free Canadian company, but their vegan frozen pizzas have also been spotted south of the border at U.S. stores like Grocery Outlet. They do make dairy cheese vegetarian pizzas, but they’ve started cooking up some vegan and soy-free options.


  • Americana
  • Siciliana

Pizza Oggi Plant-Based Frozen Pizzas made with Vegan Beyond Meat Reviews and Information

Sonoma Flatbread Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Frozen Pizza

This gluten-free frozen pizza companies has several cheese-topped pies, but they toss one dairy-free option. It’s topped with vegetables and also happens to be soy-free.


  • Dairy-Free Fire-Roasted Vegetables

Sonoma Flatbread Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Frozen Pizza Reviews and Information (it's also gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free!)

Sweet Earth Vegan Frozen Pizza

Sweet Earth is a completely vegetarian convenience meal brand, with several vegan options. Most of their frozen pizzas are topped with dairy cheese, but they have one dairy-free and vegan option. It’s also soy-free, but the crust is wheat-based.


  • Veggie Lover’s

Sweet Earth Vegan Frozen Pizza Reviews and Information - We have ingredients, nutrition facts, ratings and more for this dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free frozen dinner

The Alpha Plant-Based Frozen Pizzas

This plant-based company seems to have popped up out of nowhere and taken the convenience food industry by storm. They have a big range of products, including a collection of personal-size vegan frozen pizzas.


  • Classic Mozza
  • Supreme
  • Buffalo Chick’n
  • BBQ Chick’n

The Alpha Pizza Personal-Size Vegan Frozen Pizzas - Review and Information (plant-based and dairy-free)

Amy’s Vegan Frozen Pizza Snacks

These two-bite delights come in vegan and soy-free mini pizza pockets and pizza rolls. But don’t confuse them with their cheesy counterparts. Amy’s is a vegetarian company, but not strictly vegan, so they have several frozen snacks and swirls that contain dairy.


  • Vegan Frozen Pizza Snacks
  • Vegan Margherita Swirls

Dairy-Free Frozen Pizza Guide to All Vegan & Cheeseless Options (Updated, Complete, and Kept Current!). Includes Vegan Frozen Pizza options, plus allergy-friendly and gluten-free choices

Gardein Pizza Pockets

These meatless, dairyless pizza pockets are a part of Gardein’s frozen pocket line. Instead of a crust, the vegan pepperoni and mozzarella filling is stuffed in a bun.


  • Pizza Pockets

Gardein Meatless Pockets Reviews and Information (ingredients, nutrition facts, and more). Meatless, Dairyless, Eggless breakfast, lunch, and dinner pockets.

Mikey’s Pizza Pockets

There is one dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, paleo-friendly option on our list. But unlike the others, this brand isn’t vegan. They use sustainably-sourced meats and eggs.


  • Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheddar
  • Buffalo Style Chicken

Mikey's Pizza Pockets Reviews and Information (Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, and Paleo). We have full details on all 5 varieties ...

Tofurky Plant-Based Pockets

Sadly, Tofurky discontinued their full-sized frozen pizzas. But in their place, they’ve launched plant-based pockets in cheesy, pizza-like vegan flavors.


  • Pepp-roni
  • Turk’y Broccoli & Ched’ar
  • Ham Style & Ched’ar

Tofurky Plant-Based Pockets Reviews and Information - Meaty, Cheesy, Dairy-Free and Vegan Calzones in the freezer section

Dairy-Free Frozen Pizzas found in the UK

Hopefully on the Horizon

Double Zero

Famed vegan chef Matthew Kenney has teased about an elegant new plant-based frozen pizza line. It was slated to launch in 2019, but we’ve yet to see an official release. We’ll have our forks and knives ready in 2020!

Rachel’s Cosmic Pizza Bagels

These fun dairy-free bagels have launched in Southern California, but with very limited availability.

RIP to these Dairy-Free Frozen Pizzas

The following vegan frozen pizzas have been discontinued.

  • 365 (Whole Foods)
  • Bold Organics
  • Clean Cravings
  • Ian’s (French Bread Pizza)
  • Oh Yes! (we’re still verifying, but they no longer seem to be in distribution)
  • Tofurky (but Pockets listed above were added)
  • Tofutti

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