Sunland Peanut Better Organic Sweet Molasses Peanut Butter (DISCONTINUED)

Please Note: This brand was formerly known as just "Peanut Better" but it is now sold under the Sunland name, but with the same formulas.

This extremely smooth and creamy peanut butter had a calm sweetness that blended well with the natural peanut taste.  Though the molasses offered bolder undertones, the overall flavor was very mellow.  I enjoyed it frequently on morning toast, as no added honey or jam was required (yet the sugars are a very low 4 grams for 2 whole tablespoons).  I had intended to utilize the sweet molasses version to jazz up an old peanut butter cookie recipe.  It seemed all too perfect for the job.  But, as it turned out, my morning dips into the peanut butter jar cleaned it out before I had the chance to experiment in the kitchen. 

The ingredients are delightfully simple: organic roasted peanuts, organic sugar, and organic molasses.  As the ingredients suggest, it is certified USDA organic, but it is also certified kosher pareve by the OU. 

Pros:  Subtly sweet; Smooth in consistency and flavor; Very low in sugars; Organic; Vegan; Soy-free; Gluten-free; Certified kosher (OU); Attractively packaged; A good blend for recipes
Cons:  It may not offer enough contrast or sweetness for those who prefer a big flavor injection

Recommended For:

  • Morning Toast
  • Those who Shun Spreads that are too Sweet
  • Baking
  • Gift Baskets

Where to Buy:

  • Online –
  • In Stores – Natural food stores and major grocers nationwide; see their website for a store locator

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