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August 2007 Foods MatterBy Alisa Fleming, – While this month’s articles at Foods Matter had much more of a UK spin, there were some interesting news bites for all to enjoy, such as an interesting story on fructose intolerance (yep fructose, not lactose).  The monthly highlights were a gluten-free bread taste-testing (mostly UK only breads), food allergy in the NHS (??), and nut-free living. 

Of course, I went straight for their good helping of food allergy-friendly recipes.  Awesome recipes for California Remake Sushi and Moussaka (photos too) from the Allergy-Free Cookbook were included.  Another interesting summertime twist, Ham Kebabs made the recipe list.  Some others that peaked my curiosity included Sun-dried Tomato Soup, Chicken with Pomegranate, and Quinoa & Cashew Salad.

Foods Matter is available in print in the UK, and online for both UK and US residents.  Mine shows up in my email inbox (I’m in the US) right at the beginning of each month.   If you would like to give it a trial run, Foods Matter offers three free trial issues for new subscribers.


Foods MatterJuly 2007 Foods MatterBy Alisa Fleming, – For months I have taken for granted my favorite family-friendly publication, Foods Matter.  Like clockwork, it appears in my email inbox each month, and never fails to delight me with a myriad of news snippets, articles, and recipes.  Unlike the other foodie magazines I frequent, Foods Matter is focused on living with food allergies and intolerances.  My primary concern is dairy, due to a milk allergy, yet their hodge podge of health and food information keeps me fascinated, and continuously learning on a variety of topics. 

This month’s article on migraine and food allergy caught my attention the most.  While I have never suffered a migraine myself, my sister has always lived with them.  The article actually goes in detail on the various potential causes of migraines including food sensitivities, high fat diets, and quite simply, lack of food and sufficient water.  They also suggest possible ways to find the trigger, definitely some ideas I will be passing onto my sister!

Some other features from the July 2007 issue include: Homeopathy for allergy, Wheatgrass – nature’s finest medicine, Hypoallergenic cats, Eczema gene secrets, Offers and giveaways, Monthly product tastings / comparisons (this month – nut and seed butters), really I could go on … but I think I mentioned recipes too?  Yes, about ten or so recipes grace the pages of Foods Matter each month.  They have graciously allowed me to reprint my favorite from the July issue: Coffee & Coconut Ice Cream (vegan and free of dairy, eggs, soy, corn, gluten, and nuts*)

Foods Matter

As long as I am playing catch-up, here are some sample articles, from prior Foods Matter issues:

So check back, as each month on we will feature one Foods Matter story and one sample recipe from their latest issue!

Foods Matter is available in print in the U.K. and via email in both the U.S. and U.K.  While subscriptions are a bit higher in price than your average “style” magazine, it is a very focused publication.  Plus they offer three free trial issues for a great “try before you buy” offer.  At the very least, check out the Foods Matter website, which is loaded with information and offers several unique books and cookbooks on a range of special diet topics.


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