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Milton, DE – March 14, 2007 – Over a dozen new varieties of cookies will be released this weekend at the Holistic Health Fair in Lewes, DE. from Bella's Cookies.  Among these new creations: the annual Easter lineup, a Gluten Free line, dog cookies, and the first all natural & organic Whoopie Pie.

Bella's Cookies of Milton typically releases a new product every couple of months, which makes releasing over a dozen new varieties in one day, staggering.  Their reason: winter baking.  Since October, the company has been perfecting new recipes and creations to be released at various times throughout the spring & summer.  "During the summer months, there's little time to work on new creations" said Kelly Leishear (President of Bella's Cookies) "so we use the fall and winter to plan our spring/summer releases." 

1 in 133 Americans are affected by a genetic disorder called Celiac disease (or commonly known as gluten intolerance).  Foods that contain wheat, rye, spelt and barley, or any of their derivatives are to be avoided by those suffering from Celiac disease.  Only by strictly adhering to a gluten free diet can complications be prevented.  Baking gluten-free is challenging because of cross contamination with other wheat based products, therefore as recommended by the Celiac Institute in California, Bella's designates a gluten-free day each week to strictly produce their gluten free cookies.  Their new gluten-free Champion Chunk cookie took 1 day to perfect.  "We make cookies every day, so it wasn't too difficult… the toughest part was making the perfect flour substitute" said Leishear.  That substitute is a hand mixed combination of soy and white rice flour.  Before the release of their gluten free chocolate chunk, each manufacturer of the cookies other ingredients was contacted to make certain no gluten is used in their products.  Gluten-free individuals can rejoice over the availability now of locally baked, gluten-free cookies.

Vegan Coconut Sugar CookiesThe remaining assortment of products released by Bella's can fill an Easter Basket, a Dog treat jar, and a Lancaster County freezer.  Among their new Easter cookies are a variety of options for everyone: vegan coconut sugar & vegan lemon sugar cookies, vegan gingerbread bunnies, bon-bons (stuffed with an all natural almond paste), lemon-coconut bars, debutantes (creme wafers), sugar cut-outs and more.  "We wanted to provide a good number of vegan options this Easter" said Leishear "when you're practicing a vegan lifestyle it's nice to have some tasty treat options."   

For those who are concerned about the ingredients in their dog treats, Bella's introduces their first all natural & organic dog cookie, a version of the "Snickerpoodle."  This cinnamon, honey, cornmeal treat can fool humans on "who"… this special snack is for.  "I loved it," said Mark Leishear "I ate 2 before I was told what they were."  Bella's will expand their offerings in the dog cookie category.  Owners of 3 dogs themselves, they're currently working with a local veterinarian on a few perfect creations, filled with beneficial ingredients.  "Our vet has always told us the dangers of what's in commercially available treats, only 1 of these treats can wreck havoc on a dog’s digestive system" said Leishear "so if natural & organic is cleaner for us, why not give your pets too."


Vegan, Gluten-Free, All Natural & Organic, Easter, Dog… whatever cookies you prefer or require, Bella's has been working diligently over the past 5 months.  Though many of these creations aren't yet in stores, cookie lovers can get their fill this weekend at the Holistic Health Fair in Lewes.  For those that can't make it to Lewes, cookies are available at Bella's website,  What exactly is a Whoopie Pie?  It’s a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch treat that consists of two soft cake-like cookies with a sweet, creamy frosting sandwiched between them; Bella’s is unveiling one of these too… an organic oatmeal creation.    

Bella's Cookies is Delaware's first all natural & organic cookie company.  A variety of cookies from vegan, gluten-free, traditional & holiday can be ordered by visiting, or by calling 302-684-8152.

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