Arico Organic Cookie Bars (DISCONTINUED)


As luck would have it, I managed to get my hands on two flavors of Arico’s Cookie Bars.  They were like big, thick versions of Arico’s signature cookies:

Arico Cookie Bars

Peanut Butter

This bar was surprisingly mild in flavor. It was lightly sweet, but not quite cookie sweet.  The peanut butter influence was definitely there, but it might have been hard for me to identify if not for the obvious title.  Little peanut bits offered a nice texture and a fresh taste to the overall bar.  While the peanut butter version of Arico’s cookies had a relatively firm chew, it was relaxed a bit, softer, in this thicker bar formation.  Bordering on virtuous, I might venture to refer to this product as a snack or energy bar. 

Cranberry Almond 

As I ripped open this individually packaged bar, the scent of sweetened cranberries burst into the air.  Surprisingly, the bar was just lightly sweet, and by no means overpowering in taste.  In fact, the actual cranberries were somewhat sparse.  However, there were just enough to infuse a very pleasant orange-cranberry taste into the entire bar.  The Cranberry-Almond bar was even softer than the Peanut Butter one, and definitely my personal favorite of the two – a bit surprising since I am a big peanut butter fan.  It boasted a bit more flavor, and was slightly closer to a cookie on the indulgence scale.  Oh yes, it did boast little slivers of almond, but just a few – adding more texture than flavor.

Where to Purchase:  Arico's Cookies and Cookie Bars can be purchased directly from Arico Foods online.  They are also sold in stores within the US,  Of course, you can purchase them for a very good price at, with free shipping.

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