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Their tag-line is “The Outrageously Delicious Gluten-Free Casein-Free, Organic Bakery”. Their tag line should be “Enjoy As Slow As Molasses”!! (Ok, really, that was the best I could come up with, I’m sorry!)

I had the fine opportunity to review a few of the products from the Molasses Bakery line last week. It was the perfect week to do it; I was home every night, and every night I had a new dessert to try no effort needed. I sampled the Cherry Walnut brownie, the Chocolate Chunk Brownie, the Peanut Butter Nut cookies, the Quinoa & Oat Chocolate Chip cookie, and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie. Dessert lovers rejoice! Dieters beware!  Below is an image showing all of their GFCF offerings:

Molasses Bakery GFCF

First up was the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie. I love peanut butter and I love chocolate. Put them together and I am in dessert heaven. So when I happily ripped open the first package and bit in, I went straight to the moon. This cookie is moist. It has the melt in your mouth quality that I crave in a cookie. It is soft but not crumbly, like so many other gluten-free cookies. Take away the white flour and leave a crumbly mess. The peanut butter flavor is merely hinted at in this cookie, making it a good choice for people who may not love a full onslaught of p.b. flavor. My sweetie would love these cookies. He is not a peanut butter lover, but I think he would have barely noticed! The chocolate “chips” were really chunks and the smooth rich chocolate flavor really hit home that this was the perfect cookie. It was rich, it was moist, and it was bakery perfection. I loved it! I wrapped up the second cookie, willing myself not to eat it. Anyone who knows me, knows my sweet tooth has no willpower and I ended up back in the pantry digging through the box to find the second cookie… oh about 30 minutes later.

The next night I was craving a big hunka brownie! And I got it! The Chocolate Chunk Brownie was up next, daring me to pit it against gluten and dairy filled homemade brownies I made before going GF-DF. I figured it would put up a good fight so I tested it out. I definitely found another winner from Molasses Bakery in the chocolate chunk brownie. There were chunks of chocolate everywhere; every bite I took had a chip in it. The chocolate flavor was smooth, almost sinfully rich. It was definitely rich enough, that for the first time in a long time, my chocolate craving was seemingly satisfied with only half the brownie. This may be good news for my waistline…

The brownie itself is what I would call a regular size brownie, it’s a perfect portion size and could have been a bit smaller and I still would have been happy. Wait, scratch that. Who am I kidding? I would have eaten four more of those! I DID end up wrapping up the other half and sticking it in my lunch bag for a mid-morning snack break, so I DIDN’T overindulge on them!

That night, after snacking on the other half of my brownie during the day, I went home to try to figure out what I was going to try next. It ended up being the Peanut Butter Nut Cookies. Since I’m a peanut butter fan and had quieted my chocolate cravings I figured this was the best option. I ate both the cookies before I ate my dinner. Whoops! Again, this melt in your mouth cookie was lighter on the Peanut Butter favoring than most peanut butter cookies I’ve tried. It made the cookie taste less FAKE sweet and more REAL sweet to me. The nuts added a little pizzazz, although I could have done without them (I’m not a nut in cookie fan…), but they were still delish. Definitely moist, with just the right amount of chew and flavor to make eating both of the cookies feel like a day at the spa.

Here is my favorite of the bunch …the Quinoa and Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie. I love oatmeal cookies. My sweetie loves oatmeal cookies. They are a good way to eat something sweet and still know that you are eating something that is good for you. As in, hopefully the oats consumed cancels out the brown sugar and chocolate …in a perfect world maybe. This one beat all the oatmeal cookies I have ever had, other GF-DF ones too. It was cut in the shape of a cookie bar, so think of this as a chippy bar with a healthy makeover. Quinoa? Who would have thought it was even in the cookie. All I tasted were rich HUGE chocolate chunks, chewy oatmeal, and sweet cookie dough to make me wish they had ONLY sent this one. I loved it. It had just the right amount of sweet, and a great amount of chocolate. As usual, it had the melt in your mouth kind of quality I had come to expect with Molasses Bakery, but it still had substance. Could I replicate this? Probably not, I would be wildly disappointed because for this little cookie bar- there is no substitute.

Last but not least there was the Cherry Walnut Brownie. Sounds indulgent? Indeed it was! I have never eaten chocolate with cherries before, much less in brownie form, so I was in for a surprise. Again, this was a dense little brownie and even more rich than the chocolate chunk one. If you have a serious craving, this will satisfy! For some people the flavor might be too much, as it is very rich. The cherries make it a little on the sweet side and I admit, I ate around the walnuts! Overall this one was not my favorite, however, it was still a grand piece of dessert. Perfect when that dark chocolate craving strikes and you can’t rest until you find some cocoa-goodness.

For a product round-up… make sure you try these and when you do, slow down… just like molasses… and savor the goodness! Try not to pay attention to the fact that these little goodies are in fact dessert. They are organic, gluten and casein free, so they can’t be that bad for you!

This is a third party review by Go Dairy Free reviewer Amy B. Visit the Molasses Bakery Website to order their GFCF baked goods online!

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