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CarnavalJust in time for the back to school rush, a new company Going by the name of Funky Monkey Snacks has released Fruit that Crunches… and I must admit, they sound pretty tasty for being such simple food. Here's the full scoop — FISHERS, Ind., Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Funky Monkey Snacks(TM) today announces the September introduction of Fruit that Crunches!(TM) to the U.S. market, with four delicious snack flavors of all natural, freeze-dried fruit:

    — Bananamon(TM) (banana and cinnamon),
    — Carnaval Mix(TM) (banana, pineapple, apple, papaya and raisins),
    — Jivealime(TM) (pineapple and lime juice), and
    — Purple Funk(TM) (banana and acai — pronounced ah-sigh-EE)

CarnavalAcai, a berry from the Brazilian rainforest, is considered to be one of nature's true superfoods and is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, essential omegas, fibers and protein.

Funky Monkey Snacks are all natural with no added sugar, preservatives, colors, or flavors. In addition, they are gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free and are certified Kosher-Parve. The four varieties of Funky Monkey Snacks are manufactured in Brazil using tropical fruits freeze-dried at the peak of freshness near the source, removing the handling and ripening challenges associated with importing fruit into the U.S. for processing.

To make its unique flavors, Funky Monkey Snacks uses a proprietary freeze-drying process on whole slices and large pieces of fruit. This process is not utilized on any other snack available in the U.S. and removes approximately 97 percent of the moisture content of the fruit, providing a crisp, crunchy texture. In contrast, most freeze dried fruit in the U.S. uses dices or small pieces of fruit and a different process, resulting in a chewier, rubbery texture and less flavor.

Funky Monkey Snacks are also a healthier and more natural alternative to dried fruit or fruit snacks. Dried fruit does not preserve all the nutrients of fresh fruit and fruit snacks can contain added sugars (including high-fructose corn syrup), colors, and preservatives.

"Our freeze drying process locks in the great smell and taste of fresh fruit while preserving all of the goodness," said Matt Herzog, President of Funky Monkey Snacks. "Our four flavors are like wondersnacks — they have the taste and smell of fresh fruit that everyone loves with the convenience and portability of everyday snacks. And each one ounce bag contains three servings of fruit."

According to the new U.S. Department of Agriculture's My Pyramid (USDA) guidelines, Americans should consume at least four servings of fruit each day as part of a healthy diet. Numerous studies have shown that Americans are falling short of these targets, most recently The Journal of Preventative Medicine. In a survey published in April 2007, it found that 72 percent of Americans do not meet the government's guidelines for fruit consumption.

"For a lot of parents, it's hard to get kids to eat fruit so this is a great alternative for those who otherwise might not eat sticky fruit," said Herzog. "It's also great for parents and adults on the go who want delicious, healthy snacks and are tired of eating chips, candy, donuts, and other junk foods that they know aren't good for them."

Initially, the four varieties of Funky Monkey Snacks can be found in the produce or snack sections of grocery stores and natural foods stores in California and on the West Coast. The recommended retail price is $1.99 – $2.49 for each one-ounce bag.

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