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A Healthy Potato Chip Alternative! Arico Natural Foods is excited to introduce our newest line of savory snacks. Cassava Chips have 30%-40% less fat than potato chips, contain no cholesterol, and are seasoned with only all-natural seasonings. Available in four flavors, Original, Sea Salt Mist, Barbecue Bliss and Ginger on Fire. As with all Arico products, the Cassava Chips are free of gluten, dairy and trans-fat…

Cassava Chips

 "We believe that Cassava Chips can provide a healthier alternative to potato chips in the snack market," said Angela Ichwan, CEO of Arico Natural Foods. "The chips are not only a great product for people on a restricted diet, but are also a very practical snack alternative for anyone to enjoy."

The thinly sliced, crispy, and crunchy chips are made from cassava roots, which are extensively grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world like Brazil (where they originated) and Africa. The cassava roots are rich in starch and contain twice as much dietary fiber as potatoes. Cassava roots are often considered a popular replacement for potatoes in countries where they are grown as a staple crop.

As part of the new product launch, we have teamed up with American Forests, an organization that has been planting trees around the world for the past 18 years in order to recreate the balance between human existence and nature. Our company has agreed to plant a tree for every new store that carries Arico's Cassava Chips. Since the new product will be carried in all Whole Foods Markets, Arico Natural Foods will be planting at least 196 trees this fall on the Island of Sumatra to preserve the habitat for the Orangutan.

In addition to our new Cassava Chips, you can also now find Arico Gluten-Free Cookie Pouches in four delicious flavors at all Whole Foods Markets. More ways for you to Eat Right! Share Love! and Live Free!

Arico Cookies

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  1. Hi Alisa
    I am Dave from Ghana. I am fascinated by your cassava chip stuff. We have so many cassava in Ghana sometimes left to rot. I think you company can make good use of them.

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