One Lucky Duck Macaroons (DISCONTINUED)


Realistically, I could go on all day about the wonderful foods from One Lucky Duck.  I didn’t think that I would ever describe a pre-packaged cookie-like treat as “fresh,” but their macaroons are beyond high quality…

Blonde Macaroons

Just as I opened this bag stuffed full with generously sized macaroons, the warm and inviting scent of pure maple syrup met with my senses.  I inhaled the wonderful aroma as I took my first bite.  My taste buds were not the least bit disappointed.

One Lucky Duck Blonde Macaroons

Insanely rich with the freshest tasting coconut I have ever experienced, the deliciously soft and moist macaroon was a pure delight.  I could identify almost every ingredient with each bite.  However, there was no single standout, the flavors came together for a perfectly decadent experience.

I found myself savoring every last nibble, as if it were some dense chocolate torte.  For some reason, my brain couldn’t register that this treat could be even the slightest bit healthy, let alone “raw.”

Not an egg was cracked, nor a can of sweetened condensed milk opened at One Lucky Duck to create these vegan treats.  Though the flavor and texture stray slightly from the traditional, they are most definitely identifiable as macaroons.  The overall consistency was a touch chewy, but still tender, just as it should be.  As luck would have it, their macaroons are also gluten-free, but perfectly cohesive.  Though this would typically be good news to my ears, there were no crumbs remaining to nibble on once I had finished!

Blonde Macaroons

Ingredients: organic shredded dried coconut, almonds, organic maple syrup, coconut butter, vanilla extract, Himalayan crystal salt.

Chocolate Macaroons

As with the blonde version, the smell of these chocolate macaroons is positively divine.  The light and natural scent of sweet coconut and pure maple syrup was quite evident.  Though I only vaguely detected cocoa in what appeared to be a dark chocolate injected treat.

Chocolate Macaroons

The texture was spot on, moist, soft, and chewy from the abundance of fresh coconut.  However, something about the flavor was slightly “off” to me.  It was a rich with a delicious cocoa, but somehow the chocolate flavor didn’t quite meld with the maple syrup / coconut combination.

Don’t get me wrong; if these made the dessert table at any affair, I would surely be standing close by.  Yet, as someone who does typically choose vanilla before chocolate, the blonde would be my preference.  Having never trialed any type of chocolate macaroon before, it is possible that this just isn’t suited to my taste.

Like the blonde macaroons, these are amazingly vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and quite frankly free of any unnatural ingredients or major allergens.  I assume there could be some cross-contamination issues with nuts from their other products, so do contact them directly to confirm if this is a concern.

Chocolate Macaroons

Ingredients: organic shredded dried coconut, organic cocoa powder, organic maple syrup, coconut butter, vanilla extract, Himilayan crystal salt.

My Extra Notes:

  • I was very pleased with the resealable, fresh pouches utilized by One Lucky Duck.  It was also wonderful to see that they were packed full, avoiding the waste of extra-large packaging.  I actually felt like I was getting more this way.
  • The prices at One Lucky Duck are a bit higher than average, but I must say as someone who is an insane value shopper, the macaroons are worth every penny.  They are better than bakery fresh.  Sometimes you just have to spend a little extra for the highest quality treat!
  • To define “raw,” these products are plant-based foods that have not been heated above 118º.  This is to allow for the preservation of natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals, while making the foods easier to digest.

Where to Purchase:  Order all natural, organic, and “raw” snacks direct from One Lucky Duck online.  They also sell the wonderful ingredients they utilize in their finished products.  Though located in the U.S., One Lucky Duck does ship internationally.

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